One week. 15 cards. 12 Layouts. 1 altered clock. And 2 work blog posts.

CHA Crunch Time.

All over the world, scrapbookers lose sleep, lose their sanity, and create shoulder-high messes to create the lovely eye candy that you see displayed at each CHA booth.

And what do I have to show for it (besides all that work)? I have a blemish centered in the middle of my forehead that could be confused as a unicorn horn which my side bangs refuse to cover. I have a path carved out of my office so I don't step on the PILES and PILES of scrapbooking junk. I have 5-7 loads of laundry waiting to be folded (please don't be disgusted by my lack of domesticity). And last night I had a caffeine headache so big that I couldn't sleep--chocolate being my caffeine drug of choice.

But it's worth it. So worth it.


Because when I run my fingers across the latest Little Yellow Bicycle paper which has a linen finish I sigh in contentment. Because the new Easter line from Karen Foser Design is so delicious I only wish I had more Easter photos to use. Because LYB gets that I have a boy with style but who is still a kid. That KF knows I have storage issues and is addressing them.

It's all so much fun that despite the bloodshot eyes--I'm so happy.

Of course I couldn't figure out why when I dropped my KF package off at the Post Office there wasn't any fanfare to greet me. There really should be a Publisher's Clearinghouse type welcome when after hours and hours of work you release it into the wild. (I'm still waiting on my car-sized check and balloon bunch, but I'll settle for a clean office.)

Because I love you I have a few peeks for you so you can share in my happiness.

Clothesline from Little Yellow Bicycle is one of the most beautiful releases I've ever seen. Here's a shot of their cardstock stickers:

This line has paper flowers, pins, ribbon, linen finishes, gorgeously feminine papers, etc. etc etc. I could play with this line all day--I promise you it has everything you could possibly dream of. :)

Gen Z is going to be your favorite teenage boy line this year. Foil accents and grungy finishes. (Imagine Guitar Hero!) Check out this sticker sheet:

Lucky Me is LYB's answer to St. Patrick's Day but would look great on any project! Check out these cool clear pieces:

But they didn't stop there--there's more to come at least three more themes which are equally gorgeous and delicious and will be added to your "need" list, and I love each and every one of them!!

I told you that Karen Foster's Easter collection is drool worthy. Check out this sticker sheet and those gorgeous vintage stickers (SIGH):

Besides their latest thematic releases, they released some other fun embellishments. I will be stocking up on these clear stickers, which come in three different color sets:

Yes. You can see why I'd be willing to spend hours holed up in my office, with glue dots stuck to my socks, with bandages on my paper cut fingers, and with inky elbows from bumping my ink pads. It's all for a good cause--YOU! So I'm wishing you a fabulous weekend full of things you love to do!! As for me? I'm cleaning my way out of my office so I can start the process all over again because deadlines never end. (Excuse me while I grab my scrapbooking super hero cape!) :)

{Insert clever super hero comment like "to the rescue" here!}

(One last note! Be sure to enter the Hero Arts Giveaway on the Scrapbook Trends Blog. We'll be doing a new giveaway every Friday so be sure to check back often!)


  1. Super duper fun post!!!

    I love that KF Easter sneak! And I have Easter Photos... lots and lots! The sheep is my must have sticker...

  2. you are too cute jen! i feel your pain, but i'm not half as clever and witty as you in posting my "disappearnce" to my blog. heee.

  3. I WANT Gen Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Can't wait to see your creations...thanks for the eye candy...

    Your post made me smile, smile, smile. So nice to be able to do something you absolutely love!

  5. Such cute new releases - love the colours (especially in the "Lucky" line). Can't wait to see your projects, and what you did with such yummy supplies!


  6. Heeheehee...I too, feel your pain and thanks for the giggle!

  7. Well don't you have the scrappin' mojo kickin' these days... go on with your bad self! ;)

  8. No one can crank out a scrapbook deadline quite like you can. You are fabulous! I hope you can post some of your creations soon. :)

  9. i just loved this post jen! so well written and funny! and you made all the craziness sound so much better than i ever would. lol! cannot wait to see what all you've been slaving away at :)


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