The "Real" Tooth Fairy

and not the Rock made a visit the night before last to our house. :)

Jimmy woke up Thursday morning with a little bubble on his tooth. He had a pulpotomy on the same tooth in September, but I was under the impression that once you do tooth work it's over (clearly I was mistaken). When I called the dentist to see how to care for his abscess, they told me to bring him right in.

Once there they decided to yank the tooth. Now Jimmy has yet to lose a tooth and this one wasn't loose in any shape or form so I was more than a little concerned. But they numbed him (twice) without him even suspecting they were giving him shots--which is a BIG deal!! And then they pulled the tooth. But now he's all swollen and sore.

The great part is that he got a visit from the tooth fairy. That hasn't happened for him before, and he was all smiles and giggles at the dentist when he realized he would be getting his first visit. He wrote a very darling note about wanting to keep his first tooth and requested a photo of the tooth fairy. That presented a logistical challenge, but google came through. ;)

Here's the HUGE tooth:

It's never a dull moment around here. I tell you.

I also got to help with Katelyn's sewing class yesterday. Nothing like a bunch of boys and girls learning to use a sewing machine. I was a little concerned when they asked me to help. Now if you need stitching on your scrapbook layouts, I'm your girl. Sewing on fabric, though, is a whole other ball of wax. But all the teacher really needed was us to make sure they were stitching correctly and pinning correctly. Whew! Crisis averted!

Before I go, I'm going to "encourage" you to submit to Scrapbook Trends. I have a clearly vested interested in seeing your best work in the magazine that I work for. But I also haven't forgotten what it's like to get the email requesting your work. It still thrills me when something I've created gets some kind of "approval." We all need a pat on our backs for our work, don't we? Here's your chance. There are several calls on the Scrapbook Trends submission page. I'd love to see you submit!! I'm creating some stuff for the Stamping Call. I have some new Hero Arts stamps that I'm dying to play with. Dying I tell you!! Maybe I'll give you a peek at one or two completed projects tomorrow. :)

Here are two of the Hero Arts Stamp Sets I used for this card:

* Essential Messages clear stamps by Hero Arts
* Speckled Ornaments clear stamp set by Hero Arts
* Flutter Clear Stamp Set by We R Memory Keepers

I'm having a rough time finishing up my class right now so I'd better go and focus on that. Plus my hubby is getting a night out with his favorite girl, which had better be ME--to celebrate his upcoming b-day on Monday!


  1. sorry about your son's tooth but glad he's OK.
    I summitted some cards for the stamping book call. For LO's I'm a bit intimidated but maybe I'll give it a whirl. Who knows what could happen and thanks for encouraging us!

  2. It seems that I always forget to submit before the deadline....sigh. But I do remember the exciting request for a project ( I love your card Jen. That bee is adorable. is definitely a big tooth for a little guy! ;)

  3. Sorry Jimmy had to have a tooth removed but so happy he got to experience the tooth fairy for the first time! Thanks for the heads up on the up coming calls.


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