Bless my very sweet friends who put up with me during dinner and dessert last night. I love my bookclub group--all very different and amazing women! They support me, they teach me, and I know they love me. I always feel happy after spending time with them. We missed a few girls last night--you'd better come next month!!

I slept last night. REALLY slept. So soundly in fact that I woke up mid-night and realized my hand had fallen asleep. I must have layed on it in one position all night. But I'm feeling SO much better. I am a terrible patient and hate being sick. I hope I can get laundry done, finish up some projects, and spend some time with my family today.

Have you seen the new gallery format at 2Peas? You can "like," "comment," and do all the other things you've done before. Plus you can see how many people have opened up your project and looked at it. Who doesn't like stats like that?

Are you submitting to Scrapbook Trends? July is coming up and so is a call for a new Stamping idea book. I hope you send us your best goodies!! I always love seeing what people submit to my article. I feel so inspired!!

Are you following our Scrapbook Trends blog? We are doing Friday giveaways this month. Sometimes I wish I could win! Hee, hee. :)

Do you watch online tutorials? I hope you caught Nichol's awesome Silhouette tutorial for 2Peas this month! She can explains things in plain English and helps even me understand things. And I love that she does videos!!

Are you excited for CHA? I'm excited to see what new goodies I will be buying this year. ;)

What are you doing this weekend? Me? Laundry--oooh exciting. Some random projects for a variety of people. Hoping to sneak away with the kids and Brett (or even just Brett). And then play with niece and nephew on Monday--gotta love a 4 day weekend (we had Friday off as well).


  1. Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be scrapping my little heart out! :)

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