Happy New Year and New 2Peas Garden!

Well, did you stay up late and ring in the new year? Me--not so much. I've happily admitted in the past that I go to bed quite early. This year I was in bed early, but could hear my husband and my brother talking over their headsets while they played a video game in different rooms--ah technology! I finally stuffed a pillow over my head and promptly fell asleep.

I'm tired of the snow already. You would think growing up in Utah that I would be accustomed to it, but no--it's more like I'm over it. I did get to go and play with my friends Mindy and Russ and do some redneck sledding--being dragged by 4 wheelers. I tell you what--that is the way to sled. No lugging the sled back up the hill, you can go as fast or as slow as you want, and you can just sit back and enjoy yourself. They are great friends, and I loved it!! And I actually didn't hate the snow that day. Thanks, guys!

The new Garden went up at 2Peas yesterday. The theme this month is 4X6" photos. I print all my photos here at home, which means I can print them any size I want; but I still love the 4X6" format. I felt prompted to do two pagers--something about this photo size makes me want a double-page spread.

The first is about my little guy enjoying big brother's robot costume. You can see the supplies I used here:

My Product Focus was on the new American Crafts "Letterbox" products. I took this photo of my boys the day we were packing up and leaving Georgia. Funny how photos like this have become such treasures. You can see the supplies for this one here:

This month has loads of beautiful work by the Garden Girls. Here are a few that I fell in love with (and it was hard to just pick a few):

* "Rake" by Rebecca Trump

* "Daddy's Girl" by Erica Hernandez (this is actually a template which you can buy here)

* "Do Not Feed the Animals" by Moon Ko (this girls has the best subtle sense of humor--love it!!)

* "Watermelon" by Mary MacAskill (this girl is into the details--love HER!!)

* "Family Traditions" by Liana Suwandi (I want to take photos like this girl)

I tell you there are a million more I'd like to show you, but you'll just have to check out the Garden for yourself. :)

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  1. That was really quite fun. Next time YOU are getting in the sled though! ;)


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