Guerilla Warfare Parenting

The Sneak Attack: Hearing that your children are playing instead of completing their chores you quietly sneak up behind them and ask, "How's it going?"

The LOOK: Without saying a word your eyes drip with disappointment and tears ensue.

The Imminent Threat: If you don't . . ., I'm going to have to . . .

The Shock and Awe: After general and prolonged warfare, you descend upon their bedroom only to scoop up their favorite items to be held in ransom until the behavior improves.

The Peace Treaty: The talk after the punishment that's full of love, kind words, and hugs.

Negotiations: "I know you want to . . . but in order to earn that you're going to have to . . ."

We're having some behavior problems, and I'm realizing I'm going to have to change some of my own behaviors in order to help them change theirs. :)


  1. That is great! We are in the process of changing things here as well. It's a long and hard process, I am finding out!

  2. My first two children required completely different parenting "styles" - one did most anything we asked of her without a fuss, the second did NOTHING we asked of her without a fuss!! Now that they're older, I take away the cell phone and ipod, and they are quick to improve their behavior!! Good luck!

  3. hmmmm - i'm having the same problem as well - if you figure out a way to fix it - let me know :). And i love your CHA post below - so true!!

  4. haha. these are funny. we're in the same boat...always trying to figure out a way to do it better. hang in there! :)

  5. LOL! I've been there, done that! I especially love "Shock and Awe" - I find it works really well (at times, at least) - especially when combined with the "Sneak Attack" (so favourite toys can't be hidden before I get there to confiscate them).


  6. Lol, guess kids are the same world wide, I loved the days when they were little and threatening to take way their favourite toy was enough or shock horror even simply asking them to do something actually worked(those where the days). I have threatened to cut 'just do it' or 'because I said so' in big vinyl letter for the wall because this is what I seem to say to them the most when they question why they have to do what I ask :-)

  7. you forgot the 'withering look' where you children know that if they utter so much as one more syllable they are doomed to a week without the wii/tv/gameboy/anything fun


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