Even Moms Run Away Sometimes!

Yep. I'd had it. And I ran away last night.

Of course when I run away I have to make all these elaborate arrangements to go--"make sure the house is clean by the time I get back, I want your homework finished up--here's what you need to do, etc."

Oh and then there's the perfect "I've had it" statement . . . "They're all YOURS!!" I say to my husband as I storm out of the house. Well maybe not storm but rather guiltily sneak out.

I feel stretched thin and tired and stressed out and worried--and I couldn't handle one more "throw myself to the ground and moan about all things wrong in my world" or one more "I can't find it" and an instant flood of tears.

Nope. I'd had it.

So I ran away to my Dad's house and we went to a bookstore--a fairly good place to runaway to don't you think?

And I'm very happy to say that the house was spotless when I got home (including my pantry--Katelyn you ROCK) and one little boy learned to apologize for the constant whining. (Of course my husband is now irritated--but hey it's the price we pay, right?!) Actually I do feel bad about that--but I think that's one of the reasons why marriage is so great--we can tag team! I think I owe him BIG time now, though. :)

I'm feeling a little better this morning--still irritable but I think I can function. But I do feel very lucky to have a great family who understands when I need some alone time.

Speaking of Lucky . . . how about some card sneak peeks using the new LYB Lucky Line:

And this one is going to a neighbor rather than the CHA booth--but this line is so much fun to work with:
So hey, if you see me today, please forgive me if I hide beneath my baseball cap and sunglasses. I'm feeling ornery. ;)


  1. HA! I mean... I don't know WHAT you're talking about. I've never done that.

    I'm glad you had a night to yourself, and feel free to send the pantry cleaner up my way! :)

  2. glad you got some time to yourself! sometimes, we just need it to be better mom's and wife's. i have many a night, where i just say "i have no where to go, but i'm leaving anyways". lol! and super cute cards ... i think that collection is so cute ;)

  3. I'm soooo glad to hear that I'm not the only one that just needs to sneak away sometimes. :) Your LYB sneaks are WONDERFUL!!! What a lucky neighbor! ;)

  4. Ornery... great word! And totally OKAY. ;)

  5. isn't amazing how refreshing a few hours away can be!? i'm ready to run away for a night too!


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