Apparently I DON'T Get It . . .

"Don't you know what it's like to come home after working hard all day and have to work some more?"

No this statement did NOT come from my husband but rather from my six-year-old who was much too tired to complete his daily homework. Oh how I giggled over that one.

And last night I was trying to take care of his chapped hands (gotta love winter weather), and I was lathering him up with lotion. He pulls away,

"Are you sure boys wear this?"

"Yes, baby, Dad wears it."

"Are you sure OTHER boys wear it?"

Zero confidence in his Dad's taste apparently. This boy is pretty particular about his looks and takes his appearance quite seriously!! Hee, hee.

Hey, want to win a SILHOUETTE machine?!! I know you're nodding your head furiously. Check out The House of 3 live podcast tonight for a chance to win. Scrapbook Trends has partnered with them (along with Silhouette) to give away this sweet little baby!!

And I'm going to share a Gen Z altered clock that I made so you can see more of the product in action:

And here is a card set using the same line:

I don't know what it is, but I love me some grungy boy products. I think it's because I'm drawn to those colors myself more than pastels.

But THIS line I LOVE the pastels. Here is an altered mail box thing using the Clothesline release:

And here are cards using the same line:

I need to do a giveaway. I need to organize myself so I can post a photo of what I have to give. Give me a week or two to finish up these CHA assignments. Still working away. (And yes, Renee, I know you're kicking my butt on the amount of work you do. Hee, hee.)


  1. wow, I really like your cards & altered clock ! good luck with finishing your CHA assignements !!

  2. poor kids ... they have it so rough ;) lol!

    love these projects! such cute ideas! and i'm actually drawn more to those boy colors, more than pastels too :)

  3. i might be kicking your butt on the number of hours i'm putting in but i'm far from kicking your creative are the goddess of cards [and of course everything else you do as well but those cards!!!!]


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