Want to Join a Cool Design Team?

Two Peas is hiring digital/hybrid designers. You can see all the details here. I love working for 2Peas and want to spread the love!

The Garden went up on Sunday. It's been crazy busy here. Brett and I flew in from Savannah on Sunday, October 25th and he flew to San Francisco the next day and got back late Friday night. And then he had surgery yesterday. It was a day surgery, but after losing Joey I'm so much more worried about those things. It went well. And he's already out and about and doing great. I'm so glad but coming down from all that stress has left me EXHAUSTED!!

I had a few things in the garden that I thought I'd share. One is a sticker layout using chipboard stickers. I love this photo of the hubby. You can see the supplies here.

My other sticker one uses a bunch of letter stickers. You can see more details on that one here.

And then for my Product Focus, I worked with Making Memories "Love Notes" rub-ons. I liked the pink ones and created a hybrid layout that I could add them to. It's another layout about the hubby. More on this one here.

Just some fun stuff. I love creating. It just makes me happy!

Today I have to go pick up my sewing machine from the Sewing Machine Doctor. I've been without it for two weeks now, and it's KILLING me. I didn't realize how attached I am to it. It will be good to have it back in the craft room where it belongs. So happy sewing to all of you. ;)


  1. Glad the surgery went well. I love your layouts you posted, especially the one about your husband. So sweet!

  2. You nailed each one of those layouts, Jen. Love them. So glad that Brett is on the road to recovery :-)

  3. You're amazing Jen. I enjoy reading your blog. I'm glad to hear that Brett is on the mend.


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