November: Year of You Class!

Today my 2Peas "Year of You" class went live here at 2Peas. I used my photo editing program to create a photo grid and then added journaling before printing it out. That lovely butterfly is a rub-on from Jenni Bowlin. It also comes in silver. Sigh!

Are you in a book club? I have a wonderful group of friends that come together once a month to discuss (or argue) about a book. Last night I hosted and we had read "Cold Sassy Tree." It was a great discussion with lots of varying opinions. I love that! These girls makes me think, make me want to be more educated, make me want to try new things. I love them dearly, and I look forward to our group every month. Next month we are reading "The Bronze Bow" in time for the holidays. I'm looking forward to it. If you are in a book club or enjoy reading, I'd love to hear what you're currently reading.
So we put up our two trees (and I've already blew the fuse on one room in the house with my decorating skills--LOL!), and I wrapped a few presents for the kids because I enjoy torturing them like that, and we decorated a gingerbread house. Can I just tell you how much I'm loving this early holiday celebrations? I already feel so much less stressed.
And I can celebrate Thanksgiving with my tree up just as well with it not up. I'm hosting my family on Saturday this year, and I'm excited for the to see the tree. Yes, I have a sickness, I know. ;)

So who's going to see New Moon this weekend? Fess up! Yeah, I would love to; but I REALLY hate crazy, pushy, rude crowds so I think I'll pass (unless my sweet husband "makes" me go). He's so good to put up with all the things I like (he even cleaned my kitchen on his own without being asked for my book club last night--he's the best!!)

Have a great vampire and wolf filled weekend and for those of you who don't enjoy those kind of characters . . . I love you anyway. LOL! ;)


  1. I'm a crazy! I went last night and didn't get home till 3am, but I loved it! I actually want to go see it again, but I think I'll wait for the crowds to die down a little first. I'll have to come over and see your trees and pick up those birthday cards. I'll call you and see what your schedule is like.

  2. OMGoodness!! You HAVE to go see New Moon!! Oh SO much better than Twilight!! Fight the crowd, it is so worth it! Make sure you take tissues though, it was sad in a few spots. We are going to go see it again this week.

  3. Exciting, I love your year of you classes. I have really enjoyed all the classes at 2 peas this year, will be sorry it is all ending soon. So does that mean we are going to be getting monthly book reviews :-) ???

  4. Our book group read "Tuesdays with Morrie" and the first "Fablehaven" book. I loved them both.


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