I Hated It :(

I'm so sad to say it, but I hated the "New Moon" movie. Not because they didn't do a good job, but because I prefer a strong female character; and I don't like the whole "I am going to curl up into a ball because I can't live without a man" theme.

Stephanie is a fabulous writer, and I loved that. But even her other book was the same way--weak female character, needs a man to flourish.

Bring on a strong girl who tells the dumb vampire to shut up and either get his act together or she's moving on. LOL!


  1. I loved the movie but at the end I said to the gals I was with I would like to slap Bella(figuratively not literally,lol)so weak and whiney and spends the whole movie leading the adorable Jacob along only to break his heart. Not a nice person at all IMHO.

  2. i agree, but I honestly was there to watch a pack of very cute wolves. I was kinda ignoring the vampires. I'm sad that Jacob has such a small role in Eclipse. Although the tent scene if done right should be quite fun!

  3. Anonymous6:00 PM

    You should read "The Host" also by Stephanie Meyer.

  4. Anonymous7:30 AM

    totally agree!


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