Feeling Cultured

Last night Kate and I went to the local high school production of "Beauty and the Beast." The lead: Belle, had an astonishingly amazing voice. On key and projected beautifully. It was Kate's first play, and I think she's hooked. She just can't get over that the main characters kissed. Hee, hee. The one downer . . . sitting in front of a bunch of giggling, chatty teenagers. I just wanted to reach back and tell them to "shush" but in stronger words. ;)

Katelyn has decided that somewhere along the line some part of their brain falls out and makes them act like that. I think she's right.

One overprotective mother moment last night: when a very cute high school guy was checking out my daughter. I thought my heart would stop. She's only 13!!!! I know she's cute, but NO ONE is allowed to know that yet. She's going to a school dance tonight--her first. Do you think she'd notice if her Dad and I snuck in and watched over her. LOL!


  1. Jen, I SO hear you!! We were at the beach this summer and a teenage boy (the muscular variety) was looking my 12-year-old up and down (she looks about 15, sadly), and I couldn't stop myself - I yelled "Hey! Quit looking at my little girl!" I thought my daughter was going to pass out, she was so mortified. We moms have to do what we have to do!

  2. You are soooo funny!! I hear ya!!

  3. She is beautiful! Do you mind if I come along with you?? I love spying ;)lol


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