So I dressed up for Jimmy's Halloween Parade yesterday. Does a jeans jacket, a cowboy hat, and a bandana count? ;) I actually braided my hair too, which I haven't done in YEARS. It took a bit for me to remember. (Katelyn doesn't like her hair braided ever.)

Been recooperating and playing catch up with work and housework since Savannah. Vacations are great but being back home is also great. Brett traveled out to San Francisco for work so it's been the kiddos and I all week. He'll be home tonight.

Weird health thing. I have an earache and sore throat on one side. I wonder if I have one swollen gland that is irritating that side. But it hurts. :( Hopefully it will go away, sometimes it happens for with me allergies. Dumb allergies.

Here's a couple of layouts I worked on using some Little Yellow Bicycle stuff. These both come from their new Album Elements tablets, which are GORGEOUS!!

And I've already seen some of the next release for Little Yellow Bicycle. All I can say is "set aside some money NOW" because you're going to need ALL of it!! They keep outdoing themselves. Seriously!!
Just a couple of things. I wanted to point a crazy awesome opportunity at 2Peas to win $600 worth of American Crafts Thickers (letter stickers). All you have to do is purchase 10 or more packages of Thickers by tomorrow night, and you'll be entered in the drawing. And the Thickers are 25% off right now so DOUBLE bonus!! You can read the details here.
Well, I'd better go feed the dude. We're off school today so we're going to take it easy (at least the kids are--I'm going to work on some deadlines).
Hugs to you and yours!!


  1. I wondered if your hat yesterday was a special thing or if you normally drive around with a cowboy hat on. I get that sore gland/earache thing sometimes, too.

  2. I love everything you make! These layouts are fantastic!!!

    My hubby just had a similar thing and the doctor thought it was his gland. Next thing you know his neck was all swollen. Turns out he had an inner ear infection BEHIND the ear drum. Ouch!!! Cleared up in a couple of days with meds.

    Hope yours isn't anything too serious and it clears up for you soon! Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. Look how CUTE you are! Sorry that you are feelin too well though... hope you feel better quick!

    Love your pages... you have such great style, girl!


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