Happy Birthday, Katelyn--I'm the Mother of a Teenager!!

Ok it was yesterday but I hope it was a good birthday for my daughter. She's an amazing young woman. I trust her implicitly with her brother. She is a stunning artist, an accomplished student, a daring "try anything" girl, and funny. What a great combination. I'm so proud of her. And since 13 is my lucky number it should be a GREAT year for her.

We spent the morning with Miss Zadie so I could play photographer. And I mean play. I'm learning a lot, and she's so good to let me practice (and to let Mom play dress-up). Little things like baby's skin has a lot of red in it. And their eyes rarely open wide at the same time. And they're little balls of squishy-ness so it's hard to get them in the right position. And when they've had enough they WILL let you know. But I can't wait to do it again. If only Heather lived closer (hint, hint), then I could play photographer to their whole family all the time. LOL! Here's one of my fav's:

The Mid-Month Garden went up yesterday, it's a "DO NOT MISS" month. Here's is the one that I have up for Halloween:

But I really want to point out some other so AWESOME projects, I just love:

* Stephanie Dagan is one of our new GG's, and she has a lovely style. I love this one by her.

* Ok, any layout that's titled "Dude Looks Like a Lady" is GOING to catch my eye. Nichol rocked it for sure.

* Kandis Smith is the Queen of gorgeous simplicity. Everything is always perfect on her stuff. Like this one.

* And Mary MacAskill another new GG can work a hybrid layout like nobody's business. Check ou the cutest font on this one.

* And if you need a good laugh, you will so get this one by Moon Ko. AWESOME!!

Hope you are having a productive weekend. I've got laundry and two articles that I'm excited to write. Have a good one!


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  2. Happy birthday, Katelyn!

  3. Breithlá shona duit, Katelyn! We hope you had a super day.


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