Some Randoms
If you know me at all, you KNOW that I'm addicted M&M's. So look at this yummy pile of cuteness. I LOVE this color combo!! (Little things can make your whole day.)

Yesterday for Family Home Evening, we went in search of this, but we missed the light:

And then both kids have big days today. Katelyn has "costume day" for Spirit Week. She's going as a Roman--who is frankly, waaaaay too pretty to be let out of the house into the world of boys. Aaaaaah!!

And then Jimmy was selected as Mr. President for his class this week. He made this poster for the big event: As for me? Laundry, work, and a church meeting. All rather exciting stuff. ;)


  1. You are right about that beautiful girl of yours. You need to walk behind her at the very least!!! And as for Jimmy, you had better be prepared, he may get used to the title Mr. President and expect you to call him that all the time! LOL. Would that be a riot :-)

  2. Your children are just GORGEOUS!!! And I'm addicted to M&M's only the peanut ones!!


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