The Sister is in TOWN!!

My sister from Alaska is in town this week. I only wish I could spend every minute just following her around and playing with Aspen and Morgan. But, alas, she is a busy girl with a busy schedule; and I'm a Mom with a Mom schedule so we are squeezing time in while we can.

We went to see the Grand Opening for the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course yesterday. My Dad was the interior designer on the project, and it's bee-utiful.

And here's the handsome designer:

On the home front, look what we got poured. FINALLY!! :) We can start enjoying it tomorrow (it doesn't have steps yet, so we're keeping the back door bolted.

And tomorrow is the last night of Fall Season of this:Now if I can just reclaim the kitchen and the laundry today, and finish up some deadlines. I will be a happy camper. :)


  1. What a CUTE face!!!

  2. How fun!! I hope you have a blast with your sis!!!

  3. congrats on the new patio! i remember feeling silly about how thrilled i was about a slab of cement, but it's SO AWESOME...and only those of us who have gone from nothing to having one know what i mean!
    and the fishy-lips are fantastic!


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