Sick, Sick, Sick

I've been teasing my daughter that because she's upset with me so much of the time (she's a preteen after all) that she made me sick. She laughed and told me that she went and coughed on my pillow. Ok, she didn't really. But she did inadvertently share her awful cold. My throat is horribly raw AND itches at the same time. Allergies and a cold. I mean come on. :( I feel bad that my poor girl was running around Junior High feeling this miserable. I just want to curl up and go back to sleep, but this dumb cold keeps me awake.

So my sister flies home to Alaska today. :( I HATE good-byes.

I had so much fun with her scrapbook shopping on Friday. We did proper amounts of damage at the local scrapbook stores and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory--yummy!! I just wish Alaska was a little closer because I know she's happy there, but I want to see her more often.

Just a quick funny about being sick. I have a few deadlines that I put off while she was here, but I pushed through one last night. Only to awake during the night and realized I'd worked a month ahead. I STILL need to do an October layout. Hee, hee. I REALLY hope that I feel better tomorrow.

And soccer has ended. Clearly we take it pretty seriously at our house. ;) I missed the two minutes he was goalie. Oh, I saw it--I saw him "walk like an Egyptian". I saw him cringe in fear when the ball came towards him. And by the time I was walking down to get close-up photos, he had been kicked in the hand and it was over. (We're going to work on the toughening up.)


  1. Feel better soon! Love the soccer pic! LOL!

  2. LOVE that picture!!!

  3. Sorry you are feeling under the weather. That picture just cracks me up.

    Goalie is my oldest DD's favorite position. Not sure why anyone would want a soccer ball flying at their head but she loves it. LOL


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