Let it Rain!

Ok, not really because that means we couldn't get our patio poured yesterday, but at least now I can visualize how it's going to look with the forms in place. We went a little bigger than we'd originally planned, but I think I'm going to like it. I would have LOVED a deck, but it's funny how your landscaping budget shrinks and shrinks as you start adding up costs here and there. It also looks we might be installing a french drain for the lovely lake we have in our back corner. Oh how I love home ownership. LOL!

I loaded my 2Peas class this morning--bright and early thanks to the hubby who has recently changed places with me as the early riser--6 a.m. thank you very much. Here is the class link and here is the first page of the layout:

Guess what else I did this morning? I finished up my outline for my class next year at 2Peas. And nope it's not a "Year of You." But it will FUN, FUN, FUN; and I'm super excited. And just wait to see what the other GG's have in store for you. We are listening to requests and making your experience better.

Speaking of GG's, two of my FAVORITE designers are now Garden Girls: Kandis Smith (hello, buddy) and Mary MacAskill. Suh-weet!! Right?!!

Yesterday was our Relief Society's (our church's women's group) Super Saturday where we do classes and craft and eat (of course). I went in a support role, but the ladies that ran it ROCKED it. I love seeing the divine nature of women and how they can love and support each other so well. Way to go, gals!! And thank you. :)

I'm dying to get up the canyon. (It can rain this morning but better stop by this afternoon.) The colors are changing on the mountains and you only have a few weeks here before it's gone. Our Octobers can often bring snow (although not crazy amounts). Where did my summer go? I can smell the rain this morning--what a glorious smell. And since we're going to a missionary farewell instead of our own ward I feel slightly less pressed this morning. Sigh! Good times. :)

So one of the GG's posed this question to us this week: Tell me something going on in your life right now. Will you do that? Will you post something about your life? I love getting to know you better.

Me? My sister is coming from Alaska this week with two of her munchkins. Excited much?!!!

Oh, and Kerri, here is my first attempt at shooting in Apeture mode and manual. I have no clue what I'm doing, but I'm liking the blurred background and that very sexy cable box in the background. LOL! (And hey if weeds is what you have, then shoot them.)


  1. Good Morning!
    Love your layout and excited about your classes!!

    Let's see.. since you asked.. in my life.. two kids, 1 dh, lots of animals (ranch life)... New charter school, new sport for dd (volleyball), new instruments for both kids... and I'm looking for a new job! My town job has been reduced to 9 hours a week... it's a fun one, local lss, but times are slow!!!
    I have a point and shoot camera..

  2. I knew that you having nothing to say wouldn't last long, LOL!!!!. Love the layout, love the chatter about classes on two peas. It's great to hear excitement and happiness and contentment in your voice.

    What's going on in my life? My sister has been in New York for the last week and got home this morning. Can't wait to see her tomorrow. My folks are spending a week at Lake Como in Italy. They are back on Tuesday. I am trying to finish up two cards that I started making today and I am watching Jamie at Home (tv chef Jamie Oliver). I love to watch cooking programmes :-).

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Life is crazy here with two kids going back to school and me going back to work (at school) full time, sports, school pictures, etc! getting back into a routine is so hard after the summer break! Can't wait to check out Two Peas and see all the beautiful new goodness!!

    Kim in NJ

  4. beautiful layout - i didn't know you were doing a class over there - will have to head over and check out whats going on!!

  5. Hey BUDDY!! I'm so excited!!

    What's going on in my life:
    -Putting in a backyard (you know how that goes!)
    -painting my kitchen... still.
    -Trying to understand and get organized in my new calling (RS secretary)
    -Getting totally excited for Halloween!!!

  6. You are so funny Jen! It's amazing what one will find to experiment with aperture. Your weed and cable box is beautiful. ;) Once you start on the aperture, you will be addicted. There'll be no stopping you!

    And did you know I used to live in Anchorage? Many moons ago.

    Have fun with your sistah!

  7. I'm just discovering you work and I love it. The design, the colors, the details,...
    I put your blog in my favorite !


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