More QK/AC and Emotional Roller Coasters

Ok, just to get this off my chest. I'm working on a project, and I want to do a layout about Joey. I've had these gorgeous photos of him that I love. I mean REALLY love. And I can't seem to scrap them. What if I scrap them and the page isn't worthy of the photos or the memories? What if I scrap them and I'm one step closer to NEVER having another photo of him to scrap? What if I scrap them and all that pain comes rushing back? Sometimes I am so totally fine talking about him in my scrapbooks. And then other times it's a HUGE wall of fear and anxiety. I wish I could step out of my office right now, squeeze him a million times, take a hundred more photos, and go on as if nothing had happened. It's just one of those moments today. I'm still deciding if maybe I should just pick another set of photos. It's obvious I'm NOT ready yet. :(

On another and more happier note (because I'm really not sad today--just having these tiny sad threads of emotions that twist and turn and come and go). I wanted to share some more QK/AC goodness.

The happier note (pretending as if nothing is on my mind now) . . .

I am loving brown as a background right now. It's my new neutral color. So I created this card with both QK and AC goodies:

And if you haven't seen the new Junior line from American Crafts, just plan on getting it. I promise you that you'll NEED it. :) Here's a layout I created after being inspired by the AC dinosaur paper. (See I told you that you'll need it.)

Thank you for letting me take you on my high and low today. I know my blogger friends always understand. :)


  1. Big hugs to you....

    The good thing about favorite photos, is we can use the same photo in so many different layouts, or in a frame or just standing alone...

    My father died gosh, in 1990.. and I still have not scrapped anything about him... I mean, about my feelings... about the man, about my love for him..

    I'm still not ready...and I cry each and every time I think I am ready!

    And that is ok...

  2. ((HUG)) for you Jen. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Ironically, driving to work this morning my mind drifted to thoughts of my sister and I wanted to pull over and have a mini crying session because the wave of grief just HIT me out of nowhere. The emotional roller coaster of grief is so very hard and we never know when we are going to hit a "hill" so to speak so be extra gentle with yourself today. Peace and blessings to you Jen..

  3. Here is what I think you should do.

    Print those pictures in black and white. Print them in Sepia. Put a nice glaussian blur filter on them, and print those.
    Scrap those babies 100 times if you want to!
    Just cause you scrap them, doesn't mean you are somehow "done" with them, or the memories...
    Hugs!!! to you.
    I still keep you in my prayers. :)

  4. yes we understand - hang in there - hope all works out for the best!

  5. You have no idea how brave and strong you are!


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