Down in the Dumps!

Been in a funk that I just can't shake (actually that sounds like a great rock song title). But it's true. Just feeling blue lately.

Jimmy's been sick, but well enough to need mama. :) But those middle of the night "mom" calls are getting harder and harder to respond to. And sleeping on his floor, does nothing good for my back. Ahhh. Getting old is just fun.

And then I get a note in the mail about someone that put in an insurance claim for when the rock hit my car. I don't know what kind of damage it did to their vehicle, but either the rock hit their window too, which I can understand causing damage or some of my glass that came off hit them. Their insurance person doesn't see how I could be liable for that, but I will feel more at peace when the issue is resolved. :(

And then I am so SICK of digging trenches for the sprinkling systems. Ok we had it trenched, but there is always dirt that just falls back in. Bad dirt!! :( If one more person asks me if we're done yet, I'll scream. (Or at least assign them to come and help.) LOL!

So I guess I can see how I would be feeling kind of "out of sorts." But I have no patience for it. :( I want to feel happy and chipper all day, every day. Not possible. I realize that. Oh well.

I have one final card to share with you from the QK/AC blog share. I'm lovin' robots right now so the new Junior line from AC is just so AWESOME:

And if you're interested in playing along with me at 2Peas. My September "Year of You" class is now available. You just create a layout inspired by the class and upload it to the gallery. Here is the class. And here is my layout:

Oh, and if you want to win a Silhouette machine of your VERY OWN. Then be sure to visit both the American Crafts blog and the Quickutz blog and enter. That is quite a prize!!

The regular Silhouette machine is now VERY cheap at 2Peas as well. Gotta love that!


  1. Sherri P eh10:03 AM

    I'm sorry you're in a funk. As the stars can align for good results, they can also seem to misalign and things just aren't so good. I'm hoping to bring a bit of cheer by mentioning that my October CK came in yesterday's mail, and you are mentioned in Lisa B's column, and one of your pages is featured. I hope that you bringing a smile to my face can bring a smile to yours. And hoping Saturday brings good!

  2. HUGE ((hugs)) I'm so sorry you're not feeling good. I totally know how you feel--my kiddos have been sick with the flu for two weeks and we're finishing our basement and trying to put in our backyard as well. GRRRRR... we have a sprinkler system, but those STUPID weeds just keep popping up and every time I look outside I just want to start crying. I wish you lived closer so we could have lunch together--get away from all the stress!! (oh, and I can't wait to see your Joey page--I'm sure you did an amazing job!!)

  3. Everybody is allowed an off day or two. Allow yourself to have it. It's often good to take time out before you burn out. Love the card and the layout. Sending you hugs.

  4. ((HUG)) for you Jen.

    As someone who has worked in insurance for over 20 years DO NOT worry about someone trying to make you liable for a rock hitting their vehicle. What the heck?? A rock is considered a hazard of the road and there is NO WAY you can be held liable for that. It would be different if you were haulin rock on the back of a truck and didn't have it covered or contained somehow. DO NOT let that matter worry you!!! peace and blessings,


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