Yep, It's Strep!!

We have had the yuckiest summer health this year. At the doctor's yesterday, the nurse was talking about how strange it is to see this much illness during the summer. Apparently the summer heat typically burns off most viruses, but it's been packed in the waiting room the last two times I've been. It turns out both my kids have strep. No fun!! Watching lots of movies and eating Otter Pops to ease the pain. Jimmy has been on the antibiotics now for a few days and is so much happier. I realize now just how sick and run down he's been. Now Katelyn feels awful, but hopefully will be better now that we were back at the doctors' yesterday.

Yesterday the Garden went up at 2peas. I've included one of mine at the top. It's a hybrid layout using many digital kits from 2Peas. (All my digital layouts use 2Peas kits. I love them!!) You can see the supplies here.

I also wanted to link you to some others that I loved:

* Jamie Waters has this one called "Thank you for being patient"--a tribute to all the menfolk who wait patiently while we shop. Cracks me up!!

*Kelli Crowe and I graduated the same year--'91; and her layout about her style back then is dead on!! Here's her layout.

* If I could wear yellow, I want to wear it like Kelly Purkey. Check her out here!

And here's one last one from me with the new Little Yellow Bicycle "Say What" stamps now available in the store.

Have a healthy day! :)

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  1. GORGEOUS layout! Strep you say......this past Christmas, me, my husband and our youngest all had Strep.......Christmas was a blur!!!


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