Little Boys = Gray Hairs!!
I have a very cute six year old for sale! Cheap!! Disclaimer: he says the most off-the-wall things, and causes all sorts of trouble, and has lately been spotted having gi-normous temper tantrums.

Seriously?!! Aren't six year olds too old for tantrums or fits? Sheesh!!

So we head out to our town parade: Fiesta Days. I had to wake the kids up at 7:30 to be out the door at 8:30 a.m. We are still on summer time and that is a bit early for everyone (me included). So I can tell right away that the boy is tired, but I figure it will soon wear off.

But I was wrong--dead wrong!! Half way through the parade, he gets upset with his sister about "taking" a piece of candy that was thrown between his legs. Good grief!! The boy already has a good size pile of candy going--heaven forbid that he should give up even one to another person. So I called him out on that. Then it was the very cute neighbor girl who did something apparently unthinkable because she got the "look" and some kind of talking to. That got him a time out behind the candy throwing lines.

That lasted 2 seconds and he tried to run back to the streetside. Umm, I don't think so. That is totally 2 year old behavior and I gently took hold of his arm and pulled him back even farther so we could sit and talk about his behavior.

That turned into a hitting fest--all him, not me (thought I'd better say that). The nice thing with a third child is that you're either too tired or too calm to really let things get to you too much. So I just scooped him and carried him to the car--all the while taking a few half-hearted punches and pinches. We sat in the car for the rest of the parade. I just calmly watched from the van while he went from exploring the van, to crying, to exploring again.

He's going through a stage of anger right now. We are eliminating things we think might contribute and we are discussing how to talk without using our hands or mean words. And I'm not against a long time out if necessary or grounding. I'm mean like that. ;)

So I really can't spare him 'cause I kind of love him a lot; but I thought I'd put a few feelers out there. LOL!

I am still working away--thanks to a good 3 hour nap on Thursday afternoon. I completed a challenge for 2Peas. The above layout is a digital layout based on another layout I've already done, which is a scraplift of myself. You can see all the yummy digital supplies linked here.

And then I completed two more LYB cards. Pretty soon I can share the new release goodies as CHA--the big scrapbooking tradeshow starts next week. Still have several deadlines that I'm working on.

On another note, anyone coming to the Provo CKU?? I will be helping Little Yellow Bicycle with their class on Friday night (I believe). Hope to see you there!!


  1. I'll take your six year old. I'll trade you for a two year old. I was looking at your blog with Aspen on my lap and she yelled that's Jimmy. I don't know where that came from, but it was really cute!
    Hope that it gets better!!

  2. I too have a six year old and the added bonus of a two year old as well. All house trained and gorgeous. Can't vouch for the behaviour though :-(. The 6 year old is loud and sometimes rough with his little brother. Not what he used to be like. I just don't know where it came from.
    Maybe we can get a deal on all three ;-).


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