Jello Legs!!

I am so tired of not being in shape. It's depressing!! So today I hopped on my bike with it's amply padded seat (and I mean amply--not including my own), and I peddaled far enough that it was going to be a chore to come back. And it was beautiful--fields of golden hay being harvested, horses running in the morning light, cows resting in their fields. Just felt like I was off in my own little world. UNTIL . . . I came to the mother of all hills. Man!! I knew it was coming, but when I approached it, it didn't seem quite as steep as I remember. Until I started climbing, and then I was panting until I thought my heart would pop out of my chest, and I was pushing myself, "to the next fence post" and "ok one more fence post." And then I started to get worried that my slow tugging would suddenly succumb to the law of gravity, and me and my mean old bike would be heading backwards in a certain death tumble. So I hopped off my bike to walk it up the remainder of the hill.

Whoops! I didn't factor in the effort it was taking to climb that hill, and when I hopped off I collapsed as my legs gave way. Thankfully I was holding onto the bike handles so I only jello-fied into a semi heap. But there was no feeling in my legs, they had forgotten how to support the rest of my body. It was freaky!! So I gathered myself together, pretended no one could have possibly seen me on that abandoned road (ignoring all the houses along the road) and walked like my legs were asleep--one foot in front of the other. Total agony as they came back to life!!

I berated myself for not bringing my cell phone so my loving husband could pick me and my bike up, but I was all about tricking myself into exercising--and frankly--it WORKED!! I had to get back on that bike or return home hours later in a mess of used up muscle.

The one nice thing about going up the hill? Coming back down!! Cruising still counts as exercise doesn't it? ;)

Since the husband and kids were preoccupied this evening, I played around with another digital layout. My office is a complete wreck, and I couldn't justify making a new one without cleaning first and that is so NOT going to happen today. All supplies are from 2Peas, and you can see the layout and list here.

Have a happy 4th of July! We have no set plans at this time. Doing nothing is sometimes the perfect weekend activity.


  1. Very cute layout - love that template sooo much! Good job on biking - you go girl! And I hope you have a good 4th! Hugs!

  2. Oh dear!!! Sure hope you're feeling better now.
    Biking always makes my legs feel that!! But good for you girl!!!

  3. LOL! Your story made me laugh. Not because of what you went through, but because it made me think of a time in Drama class while I was in high school when my foot fell completely asleep (and I couldn't feel it at all). When I stood up, it was still bent at a wierd angle (from how I was sitting on it), and I could not feel it AT ALL! I had to leave the class dragging my "club foot" behind me (dragging it on it's side, since it wouldn't straighten out), pretending that everything was fine. I got more than a few funny looks, and a couple of "what's wrong with you?" comments. ROFLOL! I probably looked pretty funny, but I was secretly terrified that my foot would never return to normal!


  4. Gorgeous layout and funny story! so cute!

  5. Whoa! Good for you. I doubt I could do that! Is it bad that I secretly wished I was watching?? Ha ha!

  6. haha!! I've totally done that before! I think I walked the whole way home! Hope your not too sore!! Happy fourth!! (hope your kiddos are feeling a lot better! Strep is the worst!)

  7. Oh that's a HILARIOUS story! SOunds like something I'd do... yep, jelly legs are NOT cool. ;)

  8. such a cute layout! you know, i have a bike. i bought it with all these thoughts of getting some exercise and riding around the neighborhood. and it was purple. the color may have alone convinced me to buy it. sadly, it has sat in the garage for about 6 years now. lol! so kuddos to you for getting out there!


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