When Life Slows Things Down FOR You . . .

Yep, talked about being stressed yesterday and I jinxed us all.

Katelyn woke up yesterday (after I posted) feeling yucky. Still had to take our neighbor's daughter to the track meet but it only lasted an hour. Katelyn fell back to sleep while I was gone and slept for several hours. Then she spent the day on the couch with the crud. Obviously she wasn't feeling well.
And today, my littlest munchkin is taking his turn on the couch but he's got the crud times 10 with a "clugged" nose as he puts it and a low grade fever.

So I'm accepting the sign that we're just chillin' today. It's a good day to do that, and sometimes it's nice to slow down and just do nothing at all.

Ok, well I'm not exactly doing nothing. I need to get some work done but I wasn't feeling very creative so I crunched out these cards. Cards are like mini layouts: you can embellish the heck out of them but it's such a little canvas that it's not quite as intimidating as a full page spread. Hoping to now dive into the new prototypes from Little Yellow Bicycle. And yes, they've done it again--lovely new releases coming your way!! :)

The first card is another travel card. Are you sick of them yet? LOL! You can see the supplies here at 2Peas:

And then to celebrate my anniversary from last month, here's a love card. You can also find the supplies here at 2Peas:

I'm going to go check on the hooligans and make sure his "Sprite-ish" drink is helping his sore throat. Have a lovely day!! :)

P.S. Be sure to check out Quickutz Silhouette's new release today. I can tell there's going to be some AWESOME new shapes. Kerri Bradford gave some sneak peeks on her blog.

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