Saturday is a Special Day . . .

Well, it would be if I could think of something special to do. LOL! It's beautiful today. Yesterday was hazy, windy, and crazy dusty. The dh and I did get out and shop a bit for some new books. Found this awesome photography workbook. Got up to the register and it rang up at $55. I DON'T THINK SO!! :( I want something to stretch my photography skills, but that's a bit much.

Still playing around with cards this morning. I'm trying to learn from card masters like Melissa Phillips and Kandis Smith how to pull together stamping and pattern paper. Their cards just leave me breathless. It's always fun to see what they're up to.

S here's my attempt at another pink card. Yep. I tried it again. LOL! You can purchase these stamp sets from 2Peas now.

This second card has more of the darker tones that come more easily to me. This set is also available at 2Peas now as well.

And then speaking of photography . . . somewhere along the line I got the opportunity to take some product photography for Little Yellow Bicycle. They are very sweet to let me give it a shot, and it was so much fun to see my work on this ad in Scrapbooks, Etc. (there is also a different ad in Creating Keepsakes):

I've also been writing some of their catalog text. I love the challenges of writing, designing, and photography. I've always loved learning so I'm definitely having fun.

On the allergy front, do you have any recommendations for allergy meds? I typically take Allergy sinus. Claritin does NOTHING for me. I've heard Zyrtec is pretty good. I should totally go see an allergist, but I hate being poked a thousand times only to be told I'm allergic to every green thing under the sun--duh!! ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Excellent job girlfriend! Your ad looks GREAT! Your cards too!

  2. you're cards are just gorgeous jen! and how cool to have worked on this ad. i know i saw that one in the mag ... but now i'll have to check it out more closely!
    my husband has really bad allergies. he does the inhalers and stuff. but what seems to really be helping this year is the nose spray. not sure what brand ... but i can check it later.

  3. I get terrible hayfever myself and like you Claritin etc do nothing for me and I use a nose spray and eye drops. The nasal sprays are mild dose steroid and work really well. I've used two: Aldecin and Rhinocort. Rhinocort is my favourite and it's brilliant. It takes a couple of weeks to work so you have to take it every day. Here's a link to some ifnormation
    Good luck and thanks for all the cards. I always love looking at them.

  4. You make the BEST cards Jen--in fact, I'll even allow you to send me one! LOL That's so cool to have worked on that ad! Okay, I TOTALLY need to come down so that we can hang out for a bit. How fun would that be??

  5. great cards and congrats on the photography opp! For allergies, nasal sprays are the best. I recommend flonase!

  6. I have found Patenol eye drops and Singulair to work well. I live in grass pollen he** and still take Zyrtec and Benadryl on bad days. Good luck! Jodeen

  7. Congrats on the photo opp. Any chance you could provide the info on the photography workbook you purchased???


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