Digital Challenge #6
Man, I'm tired! I think my allergies are the main part of it. I feel unhealthy too--going to start changing that tomorrow with some early morning exercises.

Today is church, which means meetings for Brett and I and then actual church attendance. I feel like I've had to miss for a few consecutive weeks because of our vacation and then illness. It makes me feel so out of the loop. Plus I miss hearing the wonderful lessons taught in the classes. We have great teachers!! I do enjoy the Spirit that I feel at church. It's uplifting and peaceful. Sometimes it was hard that first year after losing Joey because there are places where his absence is most obvious. Church is one of those places. But I'm doing so much better, and when I do think about him it is typically positive and happy.

I find playing around a little with the digital kits soothes my creative soul. Sometimes I need something not work related to get the juices flowing again. And I took the last three days off so I need to work some tomorrow. 2Peas stuff--which I always love doing. But still needed to get back in the flow.
Got my Dad's cat this week. Funny thing! Tried to jump on my keyboard to get my attention. Ah, NO!! Don't think so. :)

And got my daughter's ears pierced just last week. I don't know who was more worried--she or I. Poor thing! I surprised her (so as not to worry her), and her lips got so translucent with worry during the procedure. And then she was lightheaded. I react in much the same way to stressful things so I wanted so much for her to be ok. She made it through like a trooper and now looks so cute with her little blue ball earrings (blue is her favorite color).

Here's something you may not know about me--I don't have pierced ears. We didn't grow up in a house with them. Neither my grandmother or mother have pierced ears. I did get them pierced when I was in my 20's but it grossed me out so much to push earrings through the hole, that I let them grow back in. Yep, I'm a chicken (and easily grossed out with stuff like that). Just thought you'd like that little tidbit of info.

Have a peaceful Sabbath Day!


  1. LOL @ you, Jen. You big sissy girl!!! Hee hee. I can't believe that you got them pierced and then gave up on them! You were over the hardest part already. Hope your allergies give you a bit of a break soon. I remember when my brother lived at home and his hayfever would kick off. Man, I felt so sorry for him.

  2. hehe, you crack me up! I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to things like that too. Logan had part of his pinkie toenail fall of on Sunday during church and I had to have my hubby deal with it, because the blood was just too much. I hope your allergies go away soon! (oh, and thanks for your little comment on my blog--you made my day! We really need to get together, maybe I could come down for a weekend and we could shop! I need some decorations for my house and I *heart* Tai Pan!!)

  3. You know what! I think its time you became a Digital GG!!!! You are rocking the digi layouts! AND as for church attendance.... I just missed 4 weeks straight! officially inactive! he he! Husband away for work so one day I just couldnt face getting all 4 girls ready for 9am.... then sick kids straight for 3 weeks!!!! Everyone thought I was away with my husband! Yes.... so Jen the digital GG, sounds good hey!


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