The Mid-Month Garden is UP!!!

I love a good day of eye candy. And the 2Peas Mid-Month Garden is up today. You can check it out here.

Here's my Seasonal Layout for "Spring." I thought it would be appropriate to do one on allergies since ours seem so awful this time of year. :( You can see the supply list here.

And my last contribution to the theme of die cuts this month was this one on using digital objects printed out on paper and then added to a project. Don't you think those little robots peeking out are cute? Here's the supply list for this one here.

Here are a couple of other ones that tickled my fancy:

* This layout by Shannon Tidwell on Twitter. So cute!!

* Kelly Purkey's layout on her spring wardrobe. Genius!!

* Moon Ko's photography on this one is stunning!

* And Nichol's use of the anime monkey die cut on this layout is DARLING!!

And hopefully throughout future posts I will start sharing some of my QVC layouts. I held them back in case they were published in the QVC idea book but it doesn't look like that will happen so I can't wait to share. :)


  1. WOW!
    Thank you for the smile!
    Your fabulous talent makes me happy!
    Love to see your layout in the mid-month garden! Love the mix of colors, the super cool creativity!
    Thank you for the links! Kelly's layout totally cracks me up!

  2. sooo cute! I just love that allergy page--how cool is that! I want to do one! ALthough I can't really take a pic of myself when I sneeze--haha!


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