I am so dang tired!!

What a crazy couple of weeks! Sheesh!!

Last week was FHE (family home evening) - Monday; 6th Grade Track Meet & Young Women (youth church group) - Tuesday; Early Out Day & Track Practice - Wednesday; Anniversary, teach 6th grade class for 1 hour, Jimmy's water day, Track Practice, and Enrichment (church activity group) - Thursday; Tend friend's munchkin, Kindergarten Graduation, hanging out with my brother who's staying with us - Friday; laundry, laundry, laundry - Saturday.

Then this week: Memorial Day, visit Joey's grave, take a LONG nap - Monday; 6th grade Field Trip, husband to first meeting with new church job - Tuesday; Water party, church meeting, church errand, Track Practice, and Book Club - Wednesday; sister to visit, work, church meeting, dh to his church meeting, and horrible allergies - Today.

I HATE schedules like that and thankfully I believe it's due to school getting out tomorrow. Thank goodness because I can't handle more days like this. I'm wiped out. In fact the sweet husband is bathing Jimmy and then we're off for a treat run--my favorite kind of outing. Then I'll come home and crash with some more heavy duty allergy meds.

Before I go to bed, I thought I'd share a QVC project--one about my Dad's awesome cat! Still stamping and working away with cool new die cuts from QK. I love happy projects!!


  1. That page is utterly gorgeous! I'm also a cat lover so I love it even more! The photos are stunning. What a pretty kitty!

    BTW, I love seeing your pages on QVC. Any idea when the next scrapbooking show will be on or did this already air?


  2. Hope things get better for you soon, Jen. Sounds like you are chasing your tail a little !


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