Digital Day #1

Ok, so I'm going to challenge myself to do one digital layout each week to try and learn some new skills. I know only the basics at this point, but perhaps you'd like to play along with me?

I downloaded a few kits from 2Peas to give it a whirl. One kit that I thought would be really handy is Erica Hernandez's "Letter Template Value Pack II". This kit has a bunch of templates to drag and drop elements. I changed mine up a bit to fit my style, but you get the idea. I love her templates and am having so much fun trying them out.

I also downloaded the "Feeling Bookish" kit because I love the vintage book pieces.

I downloaded a new one that I'm so in love with . . . "The Sweet Vintage Charm Collection." This kit is jam packed with stitching, papers, cute frames, and elements.

I use the Borders one from Rhonna Farrer ALL THE TIME as you know I love decorative scissors and punches. (But it looks like it's no longer available at 2Peas).

And Kate Teague released two new kits: "Happy Spring" and "Sunny Days" which are both so colorful and awesome!

I'm learning a lot and realize I have WAY more to learn before I would ever consider myself proficient. But it's still fun to do and easy to correct any mistakes I make so it's good for me. :)


  1. love your layout! i would never know that you DON'T do digital. lol! i have a few digital kits that i've downloaded here and there ... but have never figured out what to do with them.

  2. This layout is simply cool! I love the colors! SO you!
    I can't do digi, I don't know how to do but when I see your layout it makes me want to try :)

  3. Your LOVE turned out GREAT - you will LOVE working with Sweet Vintage Charm - that's a great kit :)

  4. Your layout turned out GREAT! And I love your idea to challenge yourself to do some digital work. My friend Heather is diggin' those letter templates too, so between the two of you, I'm so tempted! :)


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