Thank you!

Thank you for your sweet comments for Joey's birthday. It was a good day, and we actually all got through it very well. I think having a plan helped a great deal.

I received many loving phone calls and e-mails and one of my friends even made Joey a birthday cake--something I had not planned on doing. We went ahead and sang to him anyway, and it was perfect! Thank you, Jessica!!

So today I'm relaxing and trying not to notice the 2" of snow on my front yard in new accumulation. YUCK!!

Thank you again for helping me celebrate my sweet boy!


  1. So happy to remember Joey. I'm glad you had a good day. Always thinking of you, Jen.

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  3. Jen, you are an inspiration. Even though I've never met you I feel like I knew Joey thru your wonderful posts about him. What a wonderful way to keep his memory alive for your family.

  4. Jen, I have followed your work (and loved it) since you lived in Georgia! I followed your blog through Joey's ordeal. It has touched my heart like nothing else ever has for someone that I didn't know. Maybe it's because your Joey reminds me so much of my oldest son (now 27), for whatever reason, it just tugs at my heart. I hadn't remember the date of his passing, but for some reason checked your blog today and now I know why I "just had to"!!! Hugs and many prayers. I know Joey was a special little boy and was loved tremendously. He has touched many people and you are a beautiful person. I know Joey is smiling down on his wonderful family.


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