Happy Birthday, Joey!!

Right now I'd be waking you up (rather reluctantly on your part). You'd probably be wearing sweat bottoms, no shirt, with your pockets hanging out (as you know it drives me crazy when you do this). We'd head downstairs, have you sit on the couch, and then sing "Happy Birthday" before presenting you with our presents. This year you're getting Master Chief from the X-box game Halo. I'll let Katie and Jimmy open it, and I'm sure Jimmy will give it a test drive or two. I don't think you'd mind.

Then you'd be off to Junior High (your last year there). Maybe I'd arrange for a few surprises while you're there--like lunch or doughnuts for at least one of your classes. You actually seemed to like that tradition but perhaps at 15 you might not like it any more. I'd still probably come and bring your little brother. He likes the attention.

After school you'd get to do whatever you want (no chores on your b-day). I'd imagine it would be the X-box or time with friends. You'd eat a bunch of junk food from the fridge and pantry and laugh and hang out doing your thing.

For evening we'd have your favorite food--probably cheese enchiladas (heavy on the cheese). And then we'd have cake that probably involves some kind of chocolate (once it was a cake with whoppers on top). You'd blow out the candles, pretending that you're too cool to do it any more but happy that we're showering you with attention.

Then we'd probably be having a sleepover with your friends since it's Spring Break. I'd have to come down like 50 times to tell you guys to "Be Quiet" and "Go to Sleep", but you wouldn't until 3 or 4 a.m. and be totally exhausted the next day.

And I would love knowing that you had a wonderful day surrounded by things and people you love.

So when we open your present, whisper "happy birthday", and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark tonight in your honor know that we love you, we miss you always, and yet we're proud of you and the man you are.

Love you, baby!


  1. Oh Jen, I have a lump in my throat reading this. I have pretty much thought of very little else today, wondering how you and your family are doing. I happened to glance at my watch last night in bed when it had just turned midnight and Joey was the only thought that was in my head and how it was his birthday today.
    I don't pretend to know what you are going through, I just know that with the love and support of your family you will get through this special day and know that Joey is with you still.

  2. Happy Birthday Joey! May you feel a sense of comfort knowing he appreciates all that you do for him... still. -Susan B.

  3. Happy Birthday Joey. I hope that Heaven is decorated with balloons and streamers. Your family loves you and this complete stranger is thinking of you today.

  4. Happy Birthday Joey! I will be keeping happy thoughts for all of you.

  5. I don't even know what to say...I had tears rolling down my face. You are so strong...I can't imagine how this all must be for you and your family! I'm thinking of you all today! Huge hugs!

  6. I can't even see my keyboard to type this--the tears are so bad.It breaks my heart that he can't be there with you on this special day. I'm so glad to hear your are celebrating this day with him. How amazing you and your family are. Happy Birthday Joey--we are all thinking of you!! ((hugs))

  7. Kelly7:15 PM

    Happy Birthday Joey. I can tell that you are truly loved and deeply missed. You have an amazing mom. This complete stranger will have you and your family in her prayers tonight.

  8. Happy Birthday Joey! And it sounds like a perfect day that you've imagined for him Jen (and a wonderful celebration you have planned tonight to honour him and his memory!).


  9. Jen, this brought tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday, Joey! You are so loved by so many people! Jen, may you and your family find joy today amid your tears. Hugs!

  10. Happy Birthday Joey! I'm sure your party in Heaven was top notch! If you think about it, give my sweet uncle a hug and a piece of cake. He's new there. He could use a good friend like you!

    Jen....HUGS TO YOU MY SWEET FRIEND! You are truly an incredibly amazing mother, wife and friend. I sure do love you!

  11. Ok, you made me full out cry. I want to come and read your blog everytime I feel mad or aggravated or stressed out with my family. You remind me to remember how blessed I am today and never take it for granted. Your son is also blessed to have a family that loves him so much.... I'm going to play with my kids now! :-)


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