Feeling Disjointed

Just feeling very "off" these days. The kids are both sick but with very different symptoms: one with fever and a sore throat and one with chest coughing and congestion. And with what I'm feeling sometimes our little world seems a bit out of sorts. Makes me appreciate it when life is calm and peaceful. That's for sure!

Thankfully it looks to be a beautiful day. Last week we had enough snow that it broke branches from several budding trees (none of ours since our yard has yet to be completed so we have none). And this week may approach 80 degrees. I would have liked more of a spring with temperatures in the 60's and 70's before reaching the scorching 90's we have in the summer.

Working away as usual. QVC stuff, LYB stuff, the article, and 2Peas. Love to mix it up and dip my hand into a bunch of different things. It keeps it from getting stale (or me from getting stale--LOL!).

Scored something new for my office a few weeks ago, but we haven't yet put it up. Can't wait to share as I've been dreaming and hoping for something like this for some time.

Sorry about the "woe is me" bit. I am sure that things will look up and we have to give ourselves permission every once in a while to feel down. Hugs to you and yours on this lovely spring day!


  1. We all have 'off' days. On those days it helps if you give yourself a day off from the chores around the house and put your feet up. That is the time to just 'be'.

  2. yes, everyone is deserving of some "woe is me" days every now and then. i have plenty of "off" days too ... have had some recently in fact. i do hope everyone is feeling better soon though!

  3. Thinking of you today. Hoping your weather is filled with more sunshine and less rain or snow. We are having great weather here before it gets Mississippi HOT. I hope the kiddos are feeling better. We've avoided the spring ICK so far. I've kept the girls on daily doses of Zyrtec and it really helps them. Still the occasional sore throat or runny nose, but not too bad.


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