Enjoying the Sunshine!

We finally have good weather here in Utah; although, it's supposed to get cold and rainy and possibly even snow again later this week. There is something about sunshine after long days of winter that just makes me feel better. I only wish this temperate weather could stay.

Been working on a few things that I thought I'd share. Little Yellow Bicycle's latest release is a Travel line. I am so in love with the colors, patterns, and textures. I've used it and posted a few samples here before but these two layouts are new ones.

On another note, there are couple of fun challenges over at 2Peas. One is to leave a comment on the KI blog at 2Peas for the chance to win a prize.

There are also several cool classes in the education forum on stamping. They include videos, which I love.

There are also loads of new goodies in the shopping section, including some new Basic Grey and Crate Paper. All awesome stuff!! Go check it out!


  1. Thank you Jen for the sweet comment at 2peas! Your work is divine you are truly talented!

    I am sitting here fighting back tears, I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful young man you raised. I am completely in awe by your unbelievable strength!

    I have a daughter that is 14, all I want to do is give her a big hug right now. Thank you for sharing your Joey with us.

    Big Hugs,

  2. these are wonderful layouts- love all the pictures!! We finally got sunshine up here too-- I'm not counting on "summer" weather yet though!

  3. Great to see those two cool layouts, Jen. I can't believe that you are all still getting snow and it's nearly MAY!!! YIKERS!. I thought the Irish weather sucked! We are thankfully over our snow (which we don't get very often :-) and now it goes from being very sunny to raining cats and dogs. It's miserable. I don't know which end is up!

  4. Hi Jen! :) I love how your layout always look so put together and perfect! Adoration overload from Singapore :) *hugs*

  5. Your work is beautiful!


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