Doin' Digital!

Ok, be kind as I am fairly new to all of this. But 2Peas is offering these awesome PSE classes by Sande Krieger and between those and the other tutorials offered, I am learning. :) This is the March class. All of her classes include a video. So I'll start it, pause it, go into my PS and work, and then come back and watch more. It's amazing how much you learn in each lesson.

And don't forget I have a lead for digital designers. I will be passing along links to the person hiring so link away.

And since I'm beginning to feel better I'd better get to work on my projects due this week. Have a great weekend!


  1. this is so cute jen! and your daughter has the most gorgeous freckles! i havn't gotten the nerve to try digital yet ... i'm not sure i have the patience for it. but if i did ... i'd be pausing left and right too. love videos for learning stuff!

  2. Super cute! I keep meaning to get over there and do Sande's class too, but I keep telling myself, "First I have to get ____done and then ______!" The video format is so helpful though, hey?

  3. I think you did a great job - this is super cute!!! I think you need to do more :)


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