You Guys are KILLING Me!!

Oh my goodness! Just got through browsing layouts submitted for my Scrapbook Trends article: Stories to Tell. And you guys are AMAZING!! This was the hardest time picking evah!! Seriously. I'm totally inspired and would include them all if I could. How do you say "no" to greatness? I hope it's exciting for you to get the request. I still get all giddy any time I'm asked to do something or have something picked up by ST. It's awesome, huh?!!

Speaking of feeling giddy and all happy--I got a box of goodies from Hero Arts (see photo above). Yummers!! I can hardly wait to play. Those border stamps are calling my name, and I see a theme of tree bark going on here--loads of fun shapes for those. (By the way, have you seen the Hero Arts blog? Amazing inspiration posted there daily!)

This is going to be a short and sweet post as I'm off to our Relief Society Birthday party (that's our church's women's group). We're doing a service auction. I told you already that I'm donating scrapbook goodies, right?!! Gotta set up tables and chairs and help with the cooking and then it's time for some serious fun.

Have a good one!


  1. Hey Jen,

    Delighted to see you survived Vegas, lol. Isn't it something else! Can't wait to see what you come up with using that batch of those little goodies. It reminds me of a show over here called 'Ready, Steady, Cook'. It where two people out of the audience are chosen to appear on the show and cook with these two famous chefs. They come with a bag full of weird and wonderful things and they have a budget of like, $7.50. The two chefs on the show have to make something out of what they bring. Long winded but there ya go. Can't do things in a short version :-)

  2. i'm sure it's a tough job picking out the chosen few layouts for your article! i would have a terrible time saying "no" to anyone. lol! and yes, i still get excited to see the calls in my inbox ... just found a few tonight ;)

    can't wait to see what you do with the HA stamps. looks like we have the same tastes ... 3 or 4 of those were in my box too. lol!

  3. SOOOOO drool worthy right?? I use those stamps ALL the time. The scallops are my fav!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Oh, and I'm in charge of planning our RS birthday party--whew! What a job--but so fun!

  4. those stamps are so delicious! I just used the circle woodgrain and the scalloped borders to make some cards. I was trying out for the cards cover can see them here if you wanna!


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