What are You Working On?

Me? I'm recovering from our trip to Vegas: loads of laundry, cleaning, kids back on schedule, me back on schedule. I think I need a vacation from my vacation. LOL!

On the work front, I've been doing some VERY cool things for Scrapbook Trends Magazine. Let's just say they've got some exciting new things in the works and leave it at that. ;) Are you intrigued yet? LOL!

On the article front, I am currently working on something for the Mini Album Idea Book. Aren't mini albums awesome? I love going in with a plan and then completing an entire story in one swoop. Plus it's nice to leave out a bunch of supplies and just go at it. I thorougly enjoy that.

I'm considering making cards to submit to the next Cards Issue. Yep. I still submit stuff too. It keeps the creative juices flowing (and not everything gets picked up either--some things never change). They are currently working on themes like beach, back to school, and butterflies. Want to check out the whole call? See here. We'll see if I can get some time as all those interest me, and whatever doesn't get picked up goes into a box of cards for friends and neighbors. Either way, I've got something done to give out and that makes me happy!!

Next week I've got projects due for upcoming QVC and the HSN. Do you shop those? I'll watch at least part of them (I often forget they're on), but I've yet to purchase anything from them. If you do shop from there, what's your favorite thing about them?

On the home front, our church ladies group is celebrating our birthday. We're having a silent auction of goods and services. Guess what I'm donating? Yep. Scrapbooking supplies. What a great way to purge the office. The husband wants to know why I don't get rid of more items. Not going to happen, babe. LOL!

I've also got a sick 5 year old who is just well enough to be bored to tears and driving me crazy. And although we had great weather last week, this week has been cold and snowy so I can't get him out of the house. This house isn't big enough for the both of us. ;)

So what are you working on? Submitting anything? House/spring cleaning projects? (We totally need to do the yard but may hold off with the economy being the way that it is.) Everyone well at your house?

(Oh and the above layout appeared in Scrapbook Trends Magazine August 2008 issue--my first article with them.)


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Hey girly, you sound busy! We've been conquering little house projects that don't require a lot of cash, but need to get done. (Like weatherstipping, new switch plates, etc.)
    I just submitted a batch o' stuff the other day, but it's just an excercise in futility. But, it makes me feel productive anyway. ;)
    Miss Priss is in the school play, and we're running around like crazies with too much to do and too little time. That's life right?
    Hope Spring is heading your way...it's flip flop weather 'round here and the azaleas are beginning to bloom. So pretty!

  2. Yep, I'm curious! I love Scrapbook Trends! When can ya spill the beans??

  3. you have my curiousity peaked with your secrets! lol! i need to make some cards for the cards call too ... i always do them the day or two before (such a procrastinator). i pretty much submit as i go for everything else ... just a part of my process. and i'm thinking the same thing about our yard. it needs work ... but $$$ wise, it ain't happening this year. lol!

  4. Oowww.. can't wait to hear your fun news girlie!!! Love the layout!!! Uhm..well I'm working on NOTHING at the moment.. I've lost my mojo somehow.. I haven't touched my SB supplies in 2 weeks.. this is so NOT ME!!! Have a great week! XOXO


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