Have You See the Cricut Infomercials?

Every so often I'll catch one on Saturdays, and to my surprise I saw something of mine on one this past Saturday just in the background. Ages ago I was asked by my CX Design Team lead to use the Cricut Machine to create a blanket, a pillow, and a home decor item using my Cricut Machine and Fabric. Yep, I said fabric!!

I was like, "seriously?" But it really works!! Here's how you do it:

1. Choose your fabric (a nice cotton fabric works best, but the fusible fabric helps make fabrics stiff).
2. Iron on the fusible backing (no more than the size of your Cricut Cutting pad).
3. Cut the fabric and backing to fit your pad and mount on the pad.
4. Select your shape and size from your choice of cartridges.
5. Change the blade speed to slow (you don't want the fabric bunching).
6. Adjust your blade depth and pressure by testing a smaller piece of fabric. (I noticed that these settings depend a lot upon how old your blade is. A newer blade will be adjusted differently than an older blade.)
7. Then cut away.
8. Then following the directions of the fusible backing, iron it to your project. (I used the "no sew" kind, but if you want to sew around the edge make sure you purchase that kind so your sewing needle doesn't get all gummed up when stitching.)

Here is the close-up of the blanket. I had to move quickly when ironing as to not scorch the chenille on this blanket. (The iron was at a very low setting.)

(I loved that zebra print for a branch. Very cool!!)

Here is a close-up of the pillow:

And then for something different, I actually ironed on the fabric leaves to a sheet of cardstock. (Again use a low setting on your iron so the cardstock doesn't warp.) Then I just placed the sheet inside a frame. Here's the frame:

I actually bought those smaller squares that they sell at fabric stores so it was uber cheap. And I also scored on the blanket, pillow, and frame. All were on major clearance so I think I spent $50 total on the project (if that).

Isn't it cool to see the things the Cricut can do? I can hardly wait to try the new stamp and embossing folders they sell now. I love my die cutting machines. :) What cool things have you done with yours?


  1. Oh my word!!!! Who would have thought that you could do that with the Cricut!! Never in a million. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities, especially for a little girls/boys room. WOW. Thanks for that Jen, love what you have done :-)

  2. every now and then i catch those late night infomercials on the cricut. lol! these are super cute projects ... didn't know you could cut with fabric. although i don't have a cricut ... but a few friends do and i'll have to pass this along!

  3. wow. super cool. I love this project. I need to do something like that for my house. Looks like fun!

  4. oh wow how cool is that. I just gave in and got a cricut this month.


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