Happy Birthday, baby!!

Today is Jimmy's birthday. He's six!! And although it's cold and snowy, he's happily playing with his new Legos in his room. He's also pretty happy that on his birthday there are NO CHORES. That's a big deal around this house where the mama and daddy are the meannest people on the planet and no one has as many chores as they do. LOL!

We're taking doughnuts to his class this afternoon and then just chilling around the house before a dinner of pizza and cupcakes or cake (depending upon his mood) tonight.

And on another note, Wendy suggested a GG flood in the 2Peas Gallery today so check it out here!

And I'll share a few of the Little Yellow Bicyle items I added to the gallery.

Here is a layout using the Baby Safari line (and a photo of my beautiful niece):

Here's a Jellybean jar that I'm gifting to a neighbor using the same line:

And a card (don't you love how Monkeys are so hot right now)!

I'll share more of the uploaded items another time. I don't want to flood here and overwhelm you. LOL!

And to my little man . . . Happy Birthday, handsome!!


  1. Monkey's are so cute. I have got to get some of those stamps!

  2. Love those colours together! Love the jelly bean jar too ;-). Happy Birthday Jimmy!!! Hope you have a super day :-)

  3. Tell Jimmy Happy Birthday for me. It was fun to see him a couple weeks ago when he was here.

  4. Oh Happy Happy Birthday Jimmy Dear!! What a fun day you have planned! You are a wonderful mother!! (oh and I was reading your last post and I thought, "man, that happened to me just last week!") Girls can be rude. Just know that I think you are a superhero girl!!

  5. Happy Birthday To You Boy:)
    I love monkey's too:)Gotta get me some:)


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