One Reason CHA is So Hard on Me

One reason is the fact that I need a bigger income to accommodate all the goodies I find that I "need" afterward. LOL!

I thought I'd share a couple of things on my "wish list". Then you can leave me a link to those you are hoping to get or have gotten so I can add them too. ;)

Ok, there a few things that aren't new, but I've never gotten my little hands on them so they are my wish list too.

How bout these Strawberry Lollipop flowers from Prima? Yum, no?!!

And then there's these Crepe Paper ribbons from Jenni Bowlin. Oh my goodness--seriously, crepe paper of all things. Sigh!

And then KI is going to kill me, kill me I say with these new paper pads like this "Jet Setting" 12X12 pack.

And Cosmo Cricket, please stop. I don't think my pocket book can handle much more (but like I'm going to say "no" to papers like this "Monday Girl Friday" paper.

And then if you're a digi gal or thinking of dipping your toes into the water, then here's a kit to get wet with (how could I resist fruit with faces?). The Kawaii Cute Fruits kit:

Well, if I haven't convinced you that CHA is cruel and unusual punishment for a girl that's on a budget, then I don't know what will. ;)

Happy Shopping!!


  1. There are so many wonderful things I've seen that are new releases from Winter CHA, but one thing specifically that I am loving (and always do!) are all the different flowers. Prima has some wonderful ones (as always), but other companies to, too.

    I also like a lot of the new acrylic stamps (LOVE acrylic stamps), and anything that is pink. I just love, love, love scrapping with pink "girly" stuff! Papers, embellies, ribbons - you name it, I like it!

    Oh to have a limitless budget!


  2. Oowww.. there sure are so many wonderful things that are realeased on Winter CHA!!!!! I'm sooo in love with the Prima Lollipop flowers (and other flowers as well) I just hope that everything will hit the stores overhere in The Netherlands really soon.. hehe..XOXO

  3. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Oh my gosh, I can't look! My wallet is EMPTY and I can't buy any of the new stuff...seriously nothing. Sigh...All I can say is the stores better WATCH OUT when I get a job, b/c I'm gonna be a shopping machine! ;)

  4. those flowers are adorable! there is just so much fun stuff out there ... and i would love to have it all. i guess it's a good thing i don't really have a lss around here ... otherwise, i know i'd spend more than i should. lol!


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