Happy Belated Valentines!

It seems my life is always busy these days. Whether it's work stuff, for which I'm grateful. Church stuff which is necessary and right. Or just life stuff which is my heart and soul. I hardly seem to have a minute to breathe right now. So yesterday my husband and I didn't really try to make a big deal out of Valentine's Day. And that was fine with both of us. Some years it seems more important than others. I will say my beautiful daughter did agree to babysit for free for us while we snuck out for an hour or two to do some shopping. She's an amazing girl!!

One side note: Brett and I got engaged 16 years ago yesterday. I asked him last night if he realized the night he was asking me that he was going to get himself into such a mess. LOL! He actually thought I would say "no." That takes some guts to ask a girl to marry you when you think her answer will be a negative. But my answer was "yes" and I'm so glad I was smart enough to catch myself such a great man. :)

We're leaving for Vegas in a couple of weeks. Heading down to a Nascar race--my first. I need to get myself some REALLY good earplugs. I think it will be fun to try something new. I hope the weather is nice. We've had yucky snow the past week on and off. Thankfully as of this morning, it's melted off the walks and roads. I think it's going to be a loooooooooong winter. :(

The 2Peas Mid-Month Garden went up today. I love to look at all the layouts. And then I faithfully check their product lists to see if there is anything they love that I might love too. I LOVE that feature. It's like having a bunch of my own personal shoppers.

This layout was created for the Seasonal theme of "love". We love leaving lips on our kids so everyone will know they are ours. I love this photo of Joey looking so embarrassed with a pair of lips on his cheek from me. These are the photos I cherish most of him.

And this one was for the Additional Theme of being inspired by 2Peas. I knew that when I heard of the theme, that I needed to thank all those people that donated their time, money, and talent to support us during Joey's illness and passing. You truly lifted my wings and as it seems that right now is a more painful time of missing him for some reason I think it was even more important to thank everyone again. There are way too many triggers that remind me that he's not here: my daughter signing up for Junior High, having to give a talk in a large meeting about him, our friend whose son is named "Joey." It comes in waves and right now it's more difficult. I am happy. I just wish my little boy could be here with us (and that's not to take away from my belief that he's where he's supposed to be--just that I miss him terribly). So thank you, everyone, for lifting us up!

You can also see some other amazing layouts that completely inspired me. Like this lift created by Rebecca Trump. I love grid layouts!! Or this awesome creative creation by Kelli Crowe. That woman is an artistic genius! And this one by Cindy Liebel just makes me happy. Packaging inspiration is so cool!

Hope you have an inspirational, creative day!


  1. Oh Jen, I'm so sorry you have been feeling so sad recently. Words are just not enough at times like this so I will just say that I am thinking of you and sending you an email as soon as I finish with this.

    p.s and you are right about Katelyn, she is beautiful and very like you.

  2. Beautiful layouts, Jen!

  3. Beautiful layouts and I am wishing happy thoughts for you!


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