Too Much of a Good Thing!

Life can send you too many good things at one time, and I am notorious for not being able to say "no" sometimes when I should. This week and weekend was one of those times.

So I finished up my Karen Foster projects: 8 layouts, 5 cards, and 1 mini album. I also created more projects for kfd101: 2 cards, 2 projects. And that wasn't so bad.

Then I started a project for QuicKutz on my latest toy: a Silhouette. And let me tell you, I have become so reliant on my techie husband that it took me HOURS to figure everything out. Now I love a machine that can cut any TrueType font that I've downloaded 'cause I've got several that I can't live without. And there are many cute downloads on their website. But with every new toy, there is a learning curve. And lets just say that I said a few choice words over trying to figure it out. LOL! (And I don't say "choice words" very often.)

Ok, we did figure it out; and it is an AMAZING concept. And their vinyl is yards and yards long so I'm already dreaming of home decor vinyl projects that "need" to be created. (Especially a "No Soliciting" sign--LOL! for our front door.)

But anyway, I spent 20+ hours on 2 projects for QK and when you're just learning a new technique it takes longer that someone that can push a button and go (yeah, I'm talking to you--my Silhouette gurus). But thanks to my hubby who really has the patience of Job and finds it funny when I get frustrated, I completed my assignments. And in the process, I learned a LOT about my new machine; and I got some of the cutest designs EVER!! (How 'bout toadstools and a darling owl?)

Then yesterday in church both my husband and I had to teach in Primary (which is our church's childrens group). My husband is back serving permanently in that capacity, but I was only subbing for a lady that just had a baby. I LOVE those kids so much. I love it when they break into your lesson with the most random comment. I love how there is no way for their bottoms to stayed glued to the chair. I love the way they come and sit on your lap, and lean up against you, and stroke your hair, and tell you that you look like a princess. They make me HAPPY! But I was a little stressed out in my preparations. Thank you, hubby, for helping me yet again--he's taken to calling himself "Awesome Boy." I, frankly, think he is!

And then to top it off and the thing that worries me the most my little man has developed an "Overactive Bladder" officially. And when I say overactive I mean going in, coming out, and going right back in because his whole system is confused. One night was particularly bad, and if he can't get back to a good sleeping system we are going on medicine rather than doing this naturally.

So, yes, now that I've vented I admit that I have a great life--just sometimes too much of it! ;)

(P.S. That photo up top is a picture of a candle that is my new favorite scent: Cider n' Cinnamon and that owl was a Robert's Crafts steal at $3 on their Christmas Clearance.)


  1. wow - your a busy girl! I'm sure your projects turned out great - glad your i the clear!

  2. Jen-
    Did you know I am on the QK design team? I know that Silhoutte. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I think I have it figured out pretty good.

  3. Can't wait to see those new projects, Jen. Your never ending mojo always amazes me :-). Hope your little one is one the mend

  4. I love how I didn't get too much of a good thing until you explained it, and what a great way to look at it!!
    You're just wonderful you are!

  5. now my weekend doesn't seem so bad ... you were way more busy than me. lol! can't wait to see all that you're working on. and i have been loving seeing what everyone does with the silhoutte. but i think that's why i've stayed away ... fear of it being too much machine for me. lol!


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