Karen Foster Daily Giveaway and Losing My Mojo!

Today's giveaway and sneak peek is "Field Hockey." Make sure and leave a message on Maryfrances's blog for a chance to win the line from Karen Foster Design. Then check out more sneak peeks on Alice's blog.

I went to the crop last night. It did NOT go well. :( I knew all day that I didn't want to go. I'm tired. We've been doing projects all day. I hadn't really prepared. When I sat down to gather items I just kept getting more and more frustrated. I shouldn't have gone. And then come to find out, you have to register for the crop by 2 p.m. or they close it up whether it's full or not. So I had friends that wanted to come that didn't make it in. That just makes me sad. I had no idea. I've been there before and just walked in. I guess I won't take that chance any more. And sorry to those that were able to come. I wasn't great company. I came home and did nothing too. I hate it when my mojo takes a vacation. :( I have a few Little Yellow Bicycle projects to finish up tomorrow morning, and then my CHA stuff will be DONE. Then it's just typical assignment deadlines for the magazine and a few companies. I hope the mojo will be back tomorrow. If you see it, send it home! ;)


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Uh oh, I hope I haven't hogged all the mojo, because I am FEELING it girl!! We're going on a scrap weekend next week and I've been pulling stuff together and preplanning pages. SOOOOO excited and can't wait to scrap 'em!

  2. Come crop with us in Lehi on the
    24th! It is fromn 9 am to 9pm...
    We'd love to have ya, I am trying to talk Shautne into coming...

  3. Oh I am so sorry it didn't turn out as you would have liked it! Hugs and good thoughts coming your way.

  4. hate when the mojo leaves us ... never good. mine just came back today ... so hopefully, yours is on it's way back too. lol!

  5. When you finish all your CHA stuff Jen, call me and we will find some fun projects that don't require Mr MoJo! Your house or mine... doesn't matter.

    Anything you need a hand with... I'm willing and ABLE! (ykwim)

  6. Hopefully you have found your mojo, I hear a lot of folks have been heading on vacation to wamer tempatures...maybe your mojo got cold?


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