Happy New Year!

I would have posted yesterday, but I was ill with a dizzy spell. Does anyone else get those when they are congested? I've gotten them ever since I was a child and then can be quite bad with queasiness and the room spinning constantly. Yesterday was only moderately bad because I caught it in time to take some congestion medication, but I wasn't able to "sleep it off" until last night. Still dizzy this morning but much more functional. I HATE being dizzy. :(

On another note, I wanted to share my First of the Month Garden layouts, which you can see over at 2peas.

The first is a confession of my addiction to M&M's. I am going to try and take out my chocolate caffeine fix this year. I know it's not at all healthy.

The second is about Katelyn always shoveling the walk for me and is for the New Product Focus. I love the embossed white cardstock by Doodlebug, the acetate winter shapes and words by Heidi Swapp, and the lovely winter pattern paper by Heidi Grace (Fiskars). You can see more details here.

The Garden is awesome this month, with the theme being "Inspiration: Yourself." It gave me a very cool insight into the lovely Garden Girls. They are so talented. I loved this one by Robyn Werlich, but then I love everything that girl does.

And this one by Jennifer Johner: using paper doll templates. I need to show it to my daughter.

And Sande Krieger is a genius! Check out this one she did on her love of Anthropologie!

Yeah, told you it was an awesome garden this month!

And lastly, I think I am going to try and do more reading this year (totally off the subject). I like classics and period pieces or Non-fiction. And I'm a bit of a prude so I like it to be very clean as well. ;) So if you have a recommendation, list away. I've been reading mostly YA Fiction, and I think it's time to widen my reading interests to some more adult reading.



  1. Well, since I love chocolate too, I can so relate to your "LOVE"! What an adorable layout - I just love the colors.

  2. Oh Jen, it's certainly no fun when you are sick and can't get back to bed until the normal time. I get dizzy and nauseous when I have a migraine and have been known to blackout. So I hear ya' on that one.

    I can't tell you how much I like these two layouts. I'm so ready for the red and green of Christmas to be done and for Valentines day in all it's beauty to step forward. Love the pink and red's of Valentines day!. I love the softness of the colours on Katelyn's layout too. Was wondering where you got those circles from? Did you cut them yourself?

    Love it all from start to finish! Now, make it your New Year's resolution to rest more.

  3. I certainly do know what it's like to be dizzy and light-headed and very nauseous with sinus congestion (or even when I'm just starting to get a cold). It's a terrible feeling, and there's nothing you can do except try to sleep it off.

    Love the layouts. I love, love, love chocolate, too, so I can totally relate. M&Ms are true "scrapping food", and I can't imagine going to a crop without a bag of them, so I say go with your cravings (but in moderation!).

    In regards to books, I don't know if you like novels written recently or novels written in the 1800's and 1900's, or what type of writers you like, but I have always enjoyed British novels from the 1800's and 1900's. Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, George Elliot (I love her books - she's so wonderfully descriptive I can envision exactly what she's writing about!), the Bronte sisters - lots to chose from! Too many authors to mention. And because these novels were written in a different time, the stories are pretty "clean" (and the "risque" parts are really not that "risque" compared to today's standards).

    I also enjoy American Literature -I really enjoyed "The Pioneers" by James Fenimore Cooper. There are five books in the series (they're known as "The Leatherstocking Tales"), including "Last Of The Mohicans". "The Pioneers" had everything in it: suspense, plot twists, humor, history, and romance. I should re-read it this year, as it's been a while since I first read it.

    One of my favourite books is "Anne Of Green Gables" - a Canadian novel, and a must read if you haven't read it yet. I've read it more times than I can count, and I enjoy it each and every time I read it again. And there are eight books in the series, so if you like the first one, there are seven more you can read.

    One more author I recommend is Wanda Brunstetter. She's a Christian contemporary writer and has many books out (with new ones coming out still). The books are set in Amish communities and there is nothing in them that is at all offensive. I really enjoy the family relationships and the personal growth that the characters experience in each book.

    Anyway - if you want anymore book recommendations, just ask, LOL! Reading is one of my passions (as you can tell I'm sure).


  4. Whenever I get severe congestion, my ears plug up, like when you're in an airplane, but you can't pop your ears. The congestion affects your inner and middle ear, putting pressure on them, and can easily cause dizziness. A strong decongestant might help clear your ears.

  5. Hope you feel better girl!! Being sick is the pits! Darling layouts--just LOVE that chocolate one! hehe

  6. love the garden this month ... so much good stuff! and i must have missed your snow layout ... it's just gorgeous! i must find some of that doodlebug embossed paper!


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