Sick, Sick, Sick!!

So I had a lovely Saturday going to lunch with these lovely ladies:

Pictured: (back row: Wendy, Wendy Sue, Deneen, Jenn, and Judi. front row: Brenda, Shaunte, me, and lovely Laura). These gals are so much fun to be around. Wendy Sue and I worked for Making Memories back in the day. She still does and ROCKS their lovely products. She is just as sweet in person as I thought she would be. Shaunte and I couldn't keep our mouths shut. Bad girls, bad girls! Brenda is my new good friend--I can tell. She's awesome!! I've been wanting to meet Laura for-evah!! I'm definitely on her stalker list. She is so beautiful. Only wish we could have hung out longer.

I also hit the American Crafts warehouse sale. Thickers for $1, people. Yeah, I KNOW!! I was good, however. No sense bringing home a bunch of goodies that I won't ever get to use. It was all about stickers, stickers, stickers--as I love letter stickers.

But then Saturday night I got sick. I get dizzy spells when I'm super congested. Luckily I caught it before I was completely sick but then the non-drowsy meds kept me up all night.

And then I had flu-like symptoms yesterday and felt weak and tired. Spent the day in bed and missed church--sorry gals! Hoping I feel better today. I have laundry up to the rooftops and loads of work to complete. I'm about to brave breakfast so we'll see how that goes.

And as far as my birthday suggestions. I think you should all come hang out with me. You have such great ideas!! In fact, it's actually really nice to hear that having a grouchy attitude on my birthday isn't unusual. So I'm still deciding, but I will pick a winner tomorrow morning and post it on the blog. Thanks so much for the great ideas!


  1. oh sorry you got sick :( but glad to hear you had a nice lunch with friends!

  2. Sherri P eh11:20 AM

    Feel better!

  3. It was so so nice to me you! You and Shaunte seriously cracked me up! We need to get together again soon after the holidays!! I hope you get feeling better soon so you can enjoy your b-day! xoxo

  4. Oh Jen,

    Sorry to hear that you aren't well, you sure you didn't sneeze your symptoms right over here because that is exactly the way I have been feeling :-( at least you had a nice day out though. Feel better soon xox

  5. Sorry to hear your sick. It was nice to meet you just wish we could have visited more at lunch and gotten to know each other better. There is always next time.

  6. it was so cool to meet up with you last weekend jen! and i'm honored to have you as a "stalker". lol! trust me ... i've admired your work for years! and i did NOT resist those thickers ... i came home with 20 packs of them. lol!

    sorry you havn't felt good ... hope it passes soon. and i'm one of those that doesn't enjoy my birthday much. just never fails ... it's always a bad day no matter what i do. lol!

  7. What a great photo of all you girls! And I see Brenda in the picture... I'm one of her "stalkers". I love her work and she rocks my favorite, Fancy Pants :)

    Lucky you for going to that AC Warehouse sale... color me green!


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