Mid-Month Garden

I neglected to post the layouts I completed for the mid-month Garden over at 2Peas. One of my layouts was supposed to be for tomorrow (surprise!!), but I'm still learning the system and made a mistake and it got released early. Lucky you!! That is this one:

Can you guess the theme? If not, you will tomorrow when you see all the lovely releases from the rest of the Garden Girls. I just wanted to make sure and journal about some things that I think. I know that I often neglect my own perspective in my scrapbooks sometimes so this is an effort NOT to do that. :)

Here is my other project from the mid-month Garden:

Want to see more of what it really is? Then check here!

Tomorrow the First of the Month Garden goes up, so be sure and check it out!!

And for those of you celebrating New Year's, Happy New Years to you! I'm hoping for a happy, healthy, beautiful 2009 and the same for you as well.



  1. i just came across this layout last night in the garden! i love it ... love how you used the checklist too! can't wait to see what else goes up tomorrow. have a great new years!

  2. Happy New year girlie!! Love the layout a LOT!! Such a great way to use the checklist! XOXO


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