People are Good!

I have had the most crazy, way-too-busy week; and I was so touched to see a very sweet act of kindness this week. I was at the post office mailing out yet another work package (I think I need a discount of some kind for the amount of mailings I send out). But there were two postal workers at the counter. One was moving people through her line fairly quickly. The other seemed to be spending a great deal of time with one particular individual. When it was nearly my time to reach the counter, I overheard their conversation. The older gentleman was mentally challenged and was dictating a very sweet letter to the postal worker. She was writing it down on a piece of paper to place in an envelope and then mail. I LOVED that she took the time to help him out! I can't think of a better way to do her job then such a sweet act. I was really touched and left the post office grinning merrily. It was a definite uplift to my busy day!

This week has been filled with work, work, and MORE work. It's gotten so bad that I've placed a Post-It note on my monitor, which reads "NO more work!!" I have several deadlines next week and then I'm taking off the week of Thanksgiving. I used to have a day off here and a week off there, but lately I'm working every day and I'm neglecting other things and I don't like that. I think taking a week off will renew my love for this too. LOL! I'm a little burned out this week.

I had the opportunity yesterday to go to lunch with several fabulous girls. Rhonna Farrer invited a bunch of us up to Gardener Village to celebrate her birthday which was a while ago. I met several of the digital designers at 2Peas and several garden girls. In addition, Loni Stevens, Jessi Stringham, and Layle Koncar were there. These are all women that I admire and it was so much fun to meet online friends in person. I feel very blessed!!

Well, I've got loads still to do today so I'd better get moving. It's 5:30 a.m., and I'm trying to get some stuff accomplished before it's light so I can photograph in the sunshine the projects I've completed.

The Thanksgiving purse and notebook set is from my 2Peas Seed from today. You can see more photos and the instructions here. Have a great day!


  1. How fun that you got to go to Gardner Village - its been a few years since I was there...

    Love the purse and notebook - TFS

  2. Love the purse and notebook...too cute!

  3. this little felt purse is the most adorable thing! i have a sheet of the red polka-dot felt sitting out just begging to be used ... never thought to make something like this. although i don't sew ... would have to find someone for that. lol!

    hope you find some time to relax after all your projects. although it sounds like lots of fun to me! lol!


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