Feeling Grateful!

This is a great week to feel gratitude with Thanksgiving on Thursday. And I am for many things:

* My children
* My home
* My work opportunities
* Good books
* Warm heater
* Cars that are driving well (at the moment)
* That we can go and eat at relatives' homes that cook WAY better than I ;)

Don't you feel that you could just go on and on with the blessings in your life? I certainly do, and even though I get down and discouraged about life's little hiccups I am happy. I think that's a good thing.

It's been a while since I've posted much work stuff, so I'll bombard you with some now.

The first is a robot stamp from Kim Hughes. Isn't he the cutest? Since I've developed a crush on him I thought I'd make a valentine/love card with him as the focus.

And then I made both a Christmas and Valentine's card set with Little Yellow Bicycle products. The new "Love Lines" from LYB just arrived on my doorstep last week and just running my fingers over the lovely flocked items makes me happy. :) Ok, Blogger is having issues so I'll post those photos later.

So tell me something that makes you happy or that you are grateful for?

And are any of you heading out for Black Friday shopping? I'm hoping!! I've saved up some $$ in the hopes there are some good deals for the things on my list.

If I don't post before Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

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