Jump for Joy the Day's Nearly Over!

It was such a weird day today. I was cleaning out the fridge and dropped my eggs on the floor. GROSS mess to clean up.

I walked up the stairs with something and set it at the top of our very wide railing only to watch it tumble all the way back down the stairs. ARG!!

I went to the bank to cash a check--no available funds.

I tried to call my husband to talk about it--left my phone at home.

I went to a store to purchase a costume for my dd and looked down to see that my debit card expired on October 1st.

I came home to complain to my husband about it only to have him hand me the envelope with my new card inside.

What a weird day!! I'm so glad it's over. :)


  1. And I am glad for you. I'm sure tomorrow will be full of rainbows!

  2. I HATE days like that.

    Bless your heart.

    Tomorrow will be better.

  3. Sounds like a day that would be customized for someone like me, not you! lol

    I am really excited to meet you in a couple days! :)

  4. OH that's definitely a weird day.. so happy for you it's over!! I bet tomorrow will be better! HUGS!

  5. Sounds like your day traveled to me today. Hope today is much better for you!

  6. ARGHHHH! At least those kind of days don't usually come in pairs! :)

  7. LOL, be thankful it was over the next day, those are my days everyday...


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