Feeling Down Today

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm missing Joey terribly today and feel really blue. I'm trying to fight it by creating a bit. It has helped a little. But I think I'll just curl up with a good book for a while and try to shake it that way. :( Don't know why it hits like that out of the blue, but it bothers me when it's a beautiful day and everyone around me is happy and I'm not. It's kind of an uncomfortable feeling--like I'm lost in a crowd. Hopefully it will pass.

Still playing along with Stamptoberfest at 2Peas. Here's my creations today:

A Halloween card using the Frightful line from Little Yellow Bicycle:

And this "together" card using the Bella Vita stamps and products from Little Yellow Bicycle:

Well, I'm off to go and read. We're reading a new book for book club, and I haven't started it. Not wanting to. Probably part of the way I'm feeling today. Maybe I'll try and read something lighter. Hopefully I'll get to do some more stamping tomorrow. I really love it. Something about inking up an object and making a work of art that makes me feel better. :) See ya around!


  1. I got here from 2Peas! Your cards are adorable!

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Hugs to you Jen. I am saying a prayer for you. -Alisa

  3. Hugs Jen! Thinking of you.

  4. Sorry you are feeling down today :(

    Your cards look great thou!

  5. I was having a hard day a while ago, and my mom said to me, "after the trials come the blessings . . . and after the blessings come the trials." It didn't comfort me too much, but I knew that my mom understood me and loved me. Know that you're loved too. I miss you.

    I hope your book is good.

  6. Jen,

    I am so sorry that you are sad and missing Joey - it still surprises me how hard the grief hits me still.


  7. Keeping you in my prayers. Can't imagine how you feel. Thinking of you, and sending good wishes your way. Jeanne Pellerin, a fellow scrapper in New Iberia, Louisiana, and mom of 4

  8. Hi Jen - I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling blue. You and Joey are in my thoughts today. I can only imagine how hard some days must be.

    Thanks for sharing your cute cards. You have talent, girl!

  9. You are in my thoughts Jen.Hugs

  10. Jen-You bring so much joy with your creativity to others, I just wish we could help on those days when you are missing Joey so much. Ask for help-it will come. You are in more prayers than you can imagine.

  11. Nichol9:59 AM

    my prayers are with you, Jen. I think of you and Joey often. I am sorry you are blue.
    Your cards are beautiful. Such amazing detailing and seeing your stunning projects always makes me smile.

  12. hey there sweetie.. thinking of you! XOXO

  13. ((hugs)) i'm thinking and praying for you girl! Gorgeous cards too!

  14. Sorry that you are feeling blue. Hope tomorrow is a better day!



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