Why Stamp?

Ok, I had this really long and very boring post about something entirely different, but when I read it I nearly fell asleep. So I'll spare you all that and talk about something I have fallen in love with: stamping.

I was such the reluctant samper. I just couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. It seemed expensive and difficult and just too big of a pain.

I just didn't realize how creative I would feel when I learned to stamp.

There are several levels of stamping. I would consider myself a very basic stamper. I love tone on tone colors. I love basic, graphic images. I'm more likely to grab my Versamark ink pad than any other color. But I'm a happy stamper. :)

I love that nearly every manufacturer is producing stamps now. You can even find several companies with $1 stamps.

I just bought this one, and I can't wait to use it:

It's from Imaginisce, and it was less than a $1. How cute is that? (Of course, I am a sucker for Halloween).

It's really easy to get started with stamping. You'll need a stamp, a mounting block (if the stamp is acrylic), an ink pad, and something to clean off your stamp. Then just grab some scratch pieces of paper and start stamping.

I was really sad when Inque Boutique was bought out by Darice--happy for IB but sad for me as they did not keep their design team. I absolutely loved their stamps and working as a stamper. Hopefully they will keep many of their designs under the umbrella of Darice. They certainly have amazing stamp designers. Here is a layout that I created with one of IB's alphabet stamp sets:
So totally simple to create and very personalized as I got to choose the design, the colors, and the layout. See why I love stamping?

Want to see some amazing stampers in action? Check out some of these designers: Robyn, Jennifer, Nichol, Keisha,and Karla. These are some of my favorite stampers. I also regularly check the Hero Art's Blog, and the Stampin' Up website for amazing designs. There really are an endless supply of awesome stamps. If you know of some great stampers (including yourself) or stamp companies with great galleries, let me know. I am always inspired by new artwork.

And finally, another update of the party (we're almost done with this). Remember payment is due to Robyn or I by Saturday. Contact me by e-mail if you need my address or want to pay us through Paypal.

1. Heather (paid)

2. Katie (paid)

3. Krystal

4. Krystal's guest

5. Natalie

6. Loni (paid)

6. Kim Pence

7. Kim Pence guest #1

8. Kim Pence guest #2


  1. I just bought that same stamp last night!!! Way too cute to pass up for only a buck! I wish I could come to your stamp party --- it would be soooo fun....hopefully I'll get to "see you" another time soon! :o)

  2. Sherri P eh8:22 PM

    I bought that stamp a couple of weeks ago, for a Halloweeny page for my LSS. I stamped it on a great olivey green and used black Ranger distress embossing powder (I think that's what it's called!) It gives a dull gritty finish rather than a smooth and shiny, which was perfect for this image. BTW, I couldn't tear myself away from QVC yesterday and saw some of your samples. The Joey album looked beautiful, though they don't give you much time to look at it.

  3. Love me some stamps!! I still can't believe they didn't keep you on the DT--crazy!! I love your layout girl!!


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