Stamp, Stamp, Stamp!!

A quick update on the party. Here's a list of attendees so far:

1. Heather
2. Kristy Lee (maybe)
3. Krystal
4. Krystal's guest
5. Mindy (maybe)
That leaves 15 spots (not counting Robyn's guests and me). I will continue to update as people send their $$ or ask to save a spot.

On another note, I will be lisiting Ebay things this week. It's time to start setting aside some moola for Christmas. I've already asked for my dd's list. It's fun to see what they want. She's right between fun toys and grown-up items. Her birthday is also next month so I like to use her list for that as well.

Have you been thinking about Christmas yet or decorating for Halloween/Fall? Here's a kfd101 class for a Thanksgiving Table Setting (the instructions haven't been uploaded but continue to check the site):

And how about some Christmas Cooking cards (also on the kfd101 website):

And Jennifer Fleming, if you are still reading this blog I haven't heard from you on your address yet. Can you shoot me an email: so I can ship out those Halloween goodies that you won?!!

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  1. wish I lived close enough to come to the party! You are going to have a blast! cute new projects!


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